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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Are you KEWL?

Afternoon, got a hot one outside. Says 92, for this country that be hot. Had a nice walk this am, played some poker, the game you love to hate. Of course I play token poker, and it's much different than real money poker. It can get pretty crazy sometimes, and talk about bad beats. I play on Full Tilt, there are alot of different sites. But the graphics are just superior, and the entire web site is top notch. I don't know how anyone can play on another site after playing on full-tilt, but that's just my opinion.

I also took a little run in to Ontario, I was just thinking these people ought to be paying me for these free plugs! Anyway, I have been thinking about buying a shake-weight for a couple of weeks now. Some people say they don't work and some say they do. I have free weights, and bands, but I'm thinking that it would be good to use, as I really don't even have to get up if I don't want to. With all the knitting I do, my arms could use a little more exercise, and of course I've got that flabby arm thing going on. And to think of all the arm exercises I've done, the key word in this subject, like all exercises, you've got to do them consistently. Which means on a regular basis. So we will see, I like the way it feels. I went to walmart and they didn't have them. So I was major disappointed, as that was the main reason I had gone to Ontario in the first place. Ontario, Oregon that is. Its surprising how many people from Idaho, cross that snake river and do there shopping in Ontario. Its nice cos you don't have any state tax. 

So I was headed out of town when I remembered that there's a Walgreen there, so I turned around and went down there, "as seen on TV aisle, and presto chango there sat the shake weight. $19.99 out the door, I had checked them on E-Bay and they wanted $10.00 for shipping?I also noticed that someone had bid $20.00 on the cd that comes with the weight. And it stated simply that it was just the cd that came with the weight, not the weight? How stupid is that?

Also got to mention to anyone who might give a darn, I took a different route this morning and was on a dirt road by this huge corn field. And I saw some of the biggest most beautiful dragon flies. The most gorgeous shade of blues and greens. So beautiful, and they are always so curious. I'm grateful they don't bite. :)Well I am procrastinating, I need to finish my latest project, and start a couple of hats, etc., etc. So no pictures, and I really meant to take the camera this morning. Maybe manana?

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