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Saturday, July 10, 2010

How Hot is it?

Good Evening! Well its almost 8pm here and its still over 95 outside. Its a screamer. Hmmm have you ever noticed that the only time you get plumbing problems is when its either the hottest day of the year, the coldest day of the year. or its a holiday? Why is that? I noticed when I was brushing my teeth this morning, and had a little stream of water going in the bathroom sink, that all of a sudden I hear this big bubble come from the toilet. We have only lived here a couple of years, but I can't really say that I've ever noticed big bubbles coming from any of my toilets before. And since it was before 8am in the am??? And the man was outside, because I have been properly trained to always report any strange events. Strange noise in car, weird anything in the house, etc. So if he would have been handy, I would have reported. But I had overslept, if sleeping 3 hours is oversleeping! And I had a walking date at 8................I will get back to that.

Well you wanna know how hot it was, we weren't 30 minutes into the walk, and the sweat is pouring. Miserable. So I think the witching hour will be no later than 7:3o, this is really going to play heck with my all niters. I should sleep really well Tonite...............Anyway.........had a great walk.................great convo, I'm so lucky to have such a terrific buddy.

So back to the plumbing, the man was outside when I set off for the walk, but he was pulling weeds and had his head down, and I was almost late, so no time for any chit chat, hi, bye, etc. So after getting back from the steamin walk. And cooling down a bit, I decided to get in the shower, well not 5 min. into the shower and I can hear that toilet blowing some huge bubble, no odor I might add. So hearing the bubbles reminded me that I had not reported. :( So don't ask me why I did it, but after getting out of the shower, still in towel, I got the big idea, lets try a flush and see what happens???Where does that come from? Can someone tell me? You get this hunch, and you go with it and blam.........................you got a plumbing problem. And who wants to report that? Not me? But now I have no choice. I got familiar with the plunger who scoffed at my efforts. So after my failed attempts, I decide its time to report. Of course I'm acting very nonchalant, like , well , maybe, it could be a problem, and oh yeah, the toilet had been blowing bubbles earlier? Would you believe I even googled the symptoms, to report to our in house plumber? We have had a few problems before, and like I said we haven't lived here that long. But it was starting to look like he was going to have to do some serious digging. And with this heat, I just did not want it to happen. I reported that ...........I could make do.....and that I didn't want him doing any digging in this heat and to wait til early morning. Gosh, for a task master I am really considerate aren't I?
Well google said, it could be a partially clogged shared line, we do have 2 bathrooms, so that was a possibility...........and they mentioned perhaps the vent pipe might be partially blocked, another possibility.....why is it nobody cares about other peoples plumbing problems? I can feel I am losing you....if it were your plumbing problems you wouldn't be getting bored. LOL...Okay..............I'll hurry up with the punch line............ it was either .............or.............But who cares cos it working fine now. I personally think it was a little bit of both. That's how hot is was...................No major digging was involved! :)

Well I rewrote the looper pattern, W & T is not my best suit, and of course I had figured in a color change the very next row, after ten rows of short rows! Not real good. So the pattern remained the same, I just changed the color changes, actually I just amended the pattern so you have a choice.........you can either or not. Up to you. The looper on the far side is the original, the one on this side is the updated dude.Can't really see that much difference. I called that picture sun bathing.
This next one I called Loopers a Loopin......lol I love a good laugh, and it doesn't take much to make me chuckle these days. I try to read the news once a week, I don't get too emotionally involved unless I know I can make a difference. I do know what kind of world I live in, but I refuse to dwell on it. Won't make me any happier. I can remember some of the gals who used to come in the salon, and I would make the mistake of asking them how their week had been and got the 15 min. of the woe is me tale.......gheesh............I can remember going to the grocery store with my Mother when I was a little kid, and she would stop and talk to these old folks that were always complaining and unhappy.And I would have to stand there and wait.......... YUCK! So it was many moons ago I decided that I was never ever gonna be a grumpy old lady, and so far (knock on wood) I've kept my promise. So if you've got something to complain about, I'm not your captured audience any more! YEAH! What did I say about knitting in circles? Manana.........my favorite word :)

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