"Knitting and crocheting has been my hobby since childhood. I started making stuffed toys for children hospitals several years ago. It has become a passion, I absolutely love making them. My “Critters” are a nice cuddly, hug-gable, lovable size for the children. And what’s truly amazing is how much pure pleasure a person can receive by creating them."
My patterns are written so that they are easy to follow, and include photos and instructions to help you. If you haven’t tried making a toy using the knitting in the round method, give it a try, your in for a very pleasant surprise! If you have a question contact me at bjfromnv@gmail.com

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Well good evening to you. Is it hot where you are today? Today is the third day we have turned on the cooler. So we have nothing to complain about. I sure enjoy the summer weather, winter is not my favorite time of year that's for sure. Never mind it will be here before we know it.

In the meantime, well let's see.............I fooled around with this page all day yesterday! I mean HOURS of wasted time spent!  I got the clever idea that I would use a free template and it would magically install itself and everything would work perfectly, widgets and all. How dumb can I be? Pretty darn dumb.............ROFL! So I will just kind of muck along and hopefully learn more as I go along. I checked out alot of other blogs and as blogs go, this puppy is pretty plain, no flashing lights, no music, no bells and no dam whistles! But its working...............

Speaking of working, I DID NOT get Edgar the Eaglets feet changed yet. But I did get a furry little tail put on the kitty.   She kind of looked more like a baby bird at first. But I think she looks like a kitty now. :) Amazing what a nose and some eyebrows and some ears can do! And just a little of the furry yarn goes a long way.
Well I did the rest of my models back from Arkansas today. Gee they are more traveled than I am. Never been that far back east. Oklahoma is the most easterly of my travels. My father was from North Carolina, never made it back there yet. Don't think I ever will at this late date. Anyway....................I have decided to put them up for sale on Etsy. The money helps with my shipping, etc. If they don't sell they will go to Portland and get adopted! So I went and got a nice large container to put them in with some lovely vanilla sachet. So they will stay nice and clean and sweet smelling in the meantime. :) 

Well I mentioned that I had an idea for a new free pattern? His name is "Lethargic Leonardo Le Looper."  My husband came up with that name, I think its a doozy. Here's a picture. That's right he's an inch worm! The sun was shining so bright I had to stand in front of him to knock some of the glare. Gee, it's almost 7:30 pm and its still screamin hot and I need to go for a walk. Hmmmm the question is........... will I go tonite???? Or will I go early in the morning? Boy, that's too easy. Your right, its tonite or forget it. I got one of those neck thingy's at the fiddle festival last week so I will go throw it in some water, it really helps, just don't like for it to drip on my mp3 player...........don't want it shortin out on me. Okay, its soaking in some water, so that gives me 30 minutes to wait til its completely expanded. Anybody out there a walker besides me? Gosh I love it. And I do have a great place to walk. Most of the dogs are friendly, notice I said most. Got a little feud going with a neighbor down the street who insists on letting his dogs roam at large. I personally don't care, just leave me alone. I learned to use a walking stick when I was still in Nevada. They are great! Good for hills, good for flicking dead stuff off the road, good for poking stuff with, good for letting people know you are walking, and don't need a ride, good for waving at dumb dogs, and lastly.................ta ta!!! they are good for Rattle Snakes! Gotta go...................Manana...bj p.s. I gotta tell you bout this neighbor, he actually told me that if I hadn't waved my stick at his dog, he would not have attacked me? This is a true fact. Gives you just a bit of an idea of what I'm dealing with. And we are talking 2 dogs here. Oh my gosh I feel a rant coming on. And what you might ask yourself does this have to do with knitting in circles????

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