"Knitting and crocheting has been my hobby since childhood. I started making stuffed toys for children hospitals several years ago. It has become a passion, I absolutely love making them. My “Critters” are a nice cuddly, hug-gable, lovable size for the children. And what’s truly amazing is how much pure pleasure a person can receive by creating them."
My patterns are written so that they are easy to follow, and include photos and instructions to help you. If you haven’t tried making a toy using the knitting in the round method, give it a try, your in for a very pleasant surprise! If you have a question contact me at bjfromnv@gmail.com

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, Monday, can't trust that day....

Well I see its been a couple of days. So we will catch up. Got Olivia Oinkinstein Aviatrix finished and she’s on Ravelry. I am really happy and thrilled with the response she has gotten. Makes the hours spent feel more than worthwhile. I am really very happy and pleased with the final result. You go Olivia!
I’m really going to try and keep this upbeat. But I just have to say, its really interesting how such a small insignificant thing can send a person into a tail spin. And tail spins are down not up. When I was still working in retail seems like if I felt a little vulnerable that day, that would be the day the local jerk would come in. You know the type, got this huge chip on their shoulder, mad at the world and the only thing that will make them feel better is to piss you off! Why is that? So don't let the jerks of the world get to you. Don't make their day, make your own, and keep it upbeat! Now don't you feel better?
 20100820_10 That handsome fella to the right is Peter Pig the Pilot. Yes, ladies and gents we have another flying pig! And if you look real close, on the left, you will see my pup who just happened to get in the shot. He’s such a camera hog! No pun intended. Anyway we are getting ready to fly down to Nevada in a couple of days, so If ya don’t hear for a few you'll  know why. Have fun, don’t let life get you down………up up and away……………..wee wee wee, all the way home!………….

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How the heck are ya doing today?

Just checking in, whew what I day I had yesterday. How much do computer techs get paid and hour? Because I got some over time coming. First off I want to put a couple of more pictures in. Thought that was an interesting shot. Kind of what I do sometimes,20100815_4 show my best side. Should have walked today but since I spent almost 15 hours on a puter. I thought I would sleep instead. I just want to make a few notes, so in case I or someone else might run into the same problems, it might help save them a lot of extra work. That’s the thing about these machines, you really do need to pay attention to each and every deal and transaction. Because sometimes you get an unexpected reaction.  It all started simply enough. The man wanted to check out a couple of audio books he had checked out from the library. He could not get the cd to play.  I immediately thought well I had made some updates recently, so perhaps I caused it. The truth of the matter is, Windows Media Player 10 is really not that swift. That’s just my opinion, I spent some fair time trying to roll back to 9 but that’s not ever gonna happen. So Windows Media Player 11 is now  residing on that XP.

I think maybe “rollback” should be the keyword of this little saga. I decided that the easiest way to put the machine back to right, was to roll it back about 7 days. Well the roll back worked perfectly. Only one problem, and a glaring one at that. Kaspersky is just burping and ……… uncontrollably, it needs to update its files and I click update, it updates for 3 seconds, stops, and again tells me its files are corrupt and outdated! So I went out on there site and 20100815_3 the first thing they suggested was that I do an upgrade to version 11. So I figured why not? Immediately got the Kaspersky removal tool, my ole buddy. :) I then proceeded to uninstall 10, install and update 11. Needed to reboot after the big update. Was thinking I’m just about done here.  Hmmm I saw the light kind of flash on the mouse when it rebooted. Guess what? The mouse died. Never had that happen before. The keyboard was still working, and for that I am most grateful. With no keyboard this story would not have a happy ending.  Look at that handsome fella, kind of reminds me of an appie that I had back a loooooooooooong time ago. Back in the good old days. No, I’m not going there, anyway back to the machine. No mouse and then pretty quick, I notice there also is no access to the internet. Hmm seems to be no power to the USB ports. This is the new problem I now had, and unbeknownst to me there was indeed a fairly easy solution. The question was, how long was it going to take me to figure it out?

Well it took from about 11:20am Tuesday  until about 6:30am Wednesday morning. One of those situations that you just can’t walk away from. So some of the solutions for restoring your usb ports, lets see unplug your computer and let it set. No. How 20100815_8 about go in and enable and uninstall and delete? Well no that didn’t work either. Hmmm and did I forget to remind you I’m doing all this without a mouse, just the keyboard? Well now we are talking fun. Kaspersky keeps parking itself right in the middle of the screen. Its complaining about some file, etc. I’m not going to drag this out, too many hours spent for each twist and turn. But I have to say, that if I had not had my machine going to do the research, and find the info, I would never have succeeded. 

I will just say what I did, and not why. It will be easier that way. I could not get the USB to work period. Another suggestion was that perhaps I had a virus so I needed to run scan disk, also do a virus scan, do some corrections in the registry. Well I tried to run a scan with Kaspersky, but I could not access it with the keyboard no matter how hard I tried. So I tried another roll back, nope. So a big decision was made, I will run an xp repair, of course I had to go into bios so I could run the cd, which was working. The xp repair was a total nightmare. You think well you just put the cd’s in the machine copies the files, and burps a couple of times, and the next thing you know you have done a repair. Right? Wrong! I think I ended up restarting the repair at least 3 times, maybe 4. The thing is, it would get about to the point where’s it telling you it has 34 more minutes until it will be finished. Just about that time, the screen pops up and tells you you need a3d.dll and to get it off one of your resource cd’s. This also reminds me of one place where they suggested that you get all these dll files and put them into certain parts of windows, I even wrote the list down, and I thought how am I going to do that with just the keyboard, am I going to put them on a floppy? I can’t copy or paste?

So back to the repair, the first couple of times it asked me for the a3d.dll file, I know I never did find it, but it did allow me to go on, and then in a couple of more minutes it wanted IntelCci.dll and it had something to do with the modem. So one of my resource disk was marked modem. I did find that file every time.  The first file,on the third or fourth try, I ended up finding it on the hard drive and it was not in a file it was just setting there by itself. Eureka! So after finding a3d.dll and its in that order.Also the machine is a Dell Inspiron 440 with XP os. Well I though20100815_7 t this last time when it told me to put the primo resource disk in, I thought I was home free. But again it seem to hang at 34 min. to go. And it wasn’t showing as much progress as before. I guess it was then that I thought this wasn’t going to work, and that I had probably killed it. Because what happens after it seems to bog down and that time varies, it will just all of a sudden give you the dreaded blue screen. So I really have no idea other than the fact that I did indeed find both files and they were taken, also mentioned something about certificates, and I said yes. I was pretty tired by then. And I had pretty much decided that this effort was going to be a failure, and that I would probably have to do a clean install. YUK! Well ladies and gentlemen, i don’t know why, but for what ever reason as I am setting there about 3 in the morning, that machine took off and started counting down those minutes and I was one happy camper. Of course its not over til the fat lady sings.LLLLLLaaaaaaa…………..but I was really hopeful! And indeed it did reboot, I saw the lights in the mouse, but when windows restarted for the first time, the mouse was still out of whack! :( I could have cried. I knew the mouse was working, I had tried it on my puter. There was a bit of concern as you are not supposed to unplug a mouse when the machine is on, and we had done that once. Well at this point, I was pretty much beat. I thought well we can unplug this baby and I will get some sleep, and when I wake up it will be working fine? Your not buying that are you? I didn’t either. So I had seen a couple of people who had had the lag, one guy deleted one of the files asked for, then he couldn’t log in. So his repair wasn’t really successful either. So I’m thinking maybe I do have a virus, but how can I do a scan? I can’t even get on the internet? So I did a little research about Kaspersky and there’s this article about a gal who had done an upgrade, and it knocked out her mouse, I think she still had her keyboard also. Anyway, this story has gone on too long. I uninstalled Kaspersky, rebooted, still the same problem. Then I remembered that I had the Kaspersky removal tool from earlier. Found that dude, fired him up and told him to get rid of all Kaspersky  files. Well it did some work for a little while, said the job was done and it needed to reboot. Rebooted……………20100815_6 ……….you guessed it. WE GOT MOUSE!!!!!! I could have cried or yelled or both. Still needed to clean up my mess, but the worst was over. I was back in business ladies and gentlemen. Installed Microsoft essentials, its free. Not ready for Kaspersky yet. Found a free virtual keyboard, something that Kaspersky has,and I think they are a great idea to foil key loggers. Had to go to Microsoft and get all 73 updates, poor machine was getting as tired as I was by now. But I tell ya, when I touched that mouse and I saw that little arrow move. I was sooooooo relieved. Just a little more housecleaning, like I said that puter now has windows media player 11 works great! Even got the mans favorite wall paper back on, since I had saved it previously. Now if you think there’s a moral to this story, I don’t know what it would be. I guess that if you like who done its, then you will enjoy working on these wonderful machines. They can be a curse at times, but they are many times over such a blessing. Have fun……you deserve it! p.s. This is one of my very favorite spots. There is a crane in that picture, but I could not sneak up on him. And if you look real hard at the picture above this one you will see him flying across the corn field.

Monday, August 16, 2010

How is it going???

Got some beautiful weather going on out there today. Got out early and had a great walk. Met some neighbors today, what a fantastic couple. They have so many interests. I could 20100815_1 have spent the entire day there just yakking and yakking. Course us females are known for our talent at yakking, so it comes as no surprise.

Got my latest pattern written out and printed. So I have started the test knit. If I would quit goofing off and get with it, I could probably finish it up tomorrow. I’m making it the same color as the first, and I think that was not a good idea. That’s the thing about toys, you can make them any color you want. So I am actually thinking about starting over, but I just can’t make up my mind. So while I’m thinking about that, I will do a little blog here.

When I walked yesterday, I took some pictures. Can you believe it? So lets see what I took,20100815_2 here’s the first one.  Too bad you can’t see the building better. Its very old, I guess I should just walk over there and get a real good shot. I actually thought it would show up better than it did. And its so big, I will have to write forever to fill up this side of the picture. So I guess I will maybe move it up and put in one more pic. And then tomorrow, I will put a couple more pics in. This is really my favorite time of the year. And this is really beautiful country. It’s not the desert. I keep missing it sometimes, but I sure don’t miss those rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes can sure get your heart to pumping really fast! LOl………..Anyway, I’m gonna stop for now, be back manana………….need to get that critter knitted up. Its a rough job, but somebody’s gotta do it! : p.s. that’s sugar beets and corn, right across the road from the alfalfa and the old building.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Whatca up too? Hmmm?

Just a few lines, just checking in mostly. Had a little more burping from the machine, so I’m just about 99% positive that it was not any program that I put on. Interesting how there’s so much info out there but no one really seems to know what causes it. Well, I’m gonna stick my neck out and say, “It’s “Windows Live” that causes it. If you start a mail program with hotmail which you must in order to get the programs started, then you delete your hotmail account, then every time the puter tries to log-in it tries to connect those programs. And sincecomputer36 you closed the hot-mail account it has no recourse, but to announce : C:/Windows/system32/config/systemprofile/Desktop refers to a location that is unavailable.
Yesterday, I had Windows Live Messenger keep popping up when I logged, a log in that was just fine I might add. But when I wanted it to forget me, the program, and it said, are you SURE? And I said yes, well wasn’t long after that, I got my old buddy back! :) So I did some more research, and have taken Windows Live Messenger completely off. Also Skype, and Dell datasafe,  don’t need, don’t want. So I am hoping that this continuing saga of the machine will fade away. And we will have other interests to spend our time and energy on. I still have a little critter patiently waiting for me. I think today is the day, or tonite that’s for sure.  I guess its the not knowing for sure if something is fixed. I did learn yesterday that if I went into config sys, and delete the bak file, it will indeed just replace itself the next time you boot up. I did do a file check, don’t know if it found anything but it seemed like a good idea? Enough of that…………………
Was out early kind of cool, had to run back and get a light jacket. The man was out mowing, we get irrigated on Thursday’s, so he was trying to race the water, I think the water was winning. He does a lot of mowing, and he looks pretty cute with his headset on with his favorite radio show Bob & Tom going. I had picked a couple of the neighbors apples yesterday. When I talked to him last week, he had told me to take whatever I wanted.  This apple tree doesn’t  have very much fruit at all, but the size of the apples for this time of year are impressive. So even tho Iimage had not tasted the 2 apples I brought home yesterday, I decided that I would take what was left on the tree, as the birds were already at them. Also the neighbor said they weren’t going to use them. So since I had the jacket on, I figured I could put one in each pocket, and that I could put the rest inside my jacket. Well like I said, these are good sized apples, and they fit barely, think I had 7 apples. Kind of felt like a bantum hen that is trying to get all her eggs under her.
I had a pet Bantum chicken, who didn’t lay anymore, so every year I would collect the eggs from the other chickens, who I didn’t let set, and I would present them to her. She was a great little mother, and I knew she could set 9 eggs comfortably, but the 10th was liable to pop out! So here I am with my 7 big apples safely tucked into my jacket, but after just a couple of steps, I could tell that they were not going to stay put, they needimage some help. So walking down the road, clutching my bigger than usual middle, I decided that I needed to transfer the load. I sure didn’t want them to fall and get bruised! I mean if I’m gonna pack these things home, I’m bringing them home in good shape! :) Had to stop and use a neighbors lawn to take off jacket and put apples in jacket………….much better. Well I am pleased to say that’s what I had for breakfast! Tasty!!!…………….
And after logging in to Ravelry I found the sweetest note. We have another Tyler T Tucker! He is so cute, she dyed the yarn with purple Kool-aid and did he come out great! Just makes my day! So on that upbeat I will take my leave………….remember………..have fun! :)image

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This might be pretty spiffy!

betty_boop_at_computer_animatedStill playing with some of the different toys on the machine!  Looks like this one might be better to use than the other editor I’ve been using. Windows live writer, is what I'm using.  I am just making some words here to see if this thing text wraps like its supposed to. Really amazing how they have come so far with the different programs. I wonder if everyone takes typing classes now, or how do they manage to teach themselves to type? Or are they just going to rearrange the key boards so they look like a cell phone? Or maybe they will use a combination of the two? Makes a person wonder where the technology will go. It’s still hard to think that computers have not been here that long, but they have become so integrated into our every day lives. The internet, what can you say? What a awesome powerful tool it has become. I guess the only real negative thing you can say about a ll the technology, is that it doesn’t encourage physical fitness. And it encourages a person to set around for hours and have so much fun. I’m so guilty, I can’t say a word. Fantastic, makes me wonder what my granny would have to say about it all. I know what she would say, “It’s wonderful!” And indeed it is………

Have you seen your Plumber today?

Early walk, nice and cool. Our neighbors dog AKA, could not be dissuaded from coming along. That dog is really something else, the kind of dog you love and don't love. She, like most of us, has a reason why she's the way she is. Her owner is her excuse, and that's really not the correct word for him. How about the food provider? That's a little more accurate unfortunately. The dog is maybe 18 months old now still a teenager in a lot of ways. But because the food provider has not done much of anything but that, this dog is known and has a reputation for about a 2 mile radius. She has been allowed to run and roam at large from the time the FP brought her home. Actually the first time I came in contact with her I was out walking and coming back down the road toward the house when I saw someone get out of the cab of a big tractor and seemed to be trying to catch a young black lab. As I got up closer, I realized it was my neighbor, when I think about it now, I wonder about why he was wanting to get her into the tractor. But that was his mission and he was not having any luck at all! AKA thought this was a wonderful game and was enjoying it immensely. So when he looked up very exasperated, and saw me, he asked if I would help him catch her. So I soon realized she was very shy and if I turned my back and patted my butt, she came right over to me. She was not aggressive and tolerated a little petting. I handed her off and they were soon gone down the road. She was probably about six months old when that happened.

And now that timed has passed, I can think of several neighbors who dislike her very much. She likes t
o fence fight, maul neighbors cats & small dogs, and she kills gophers and chickens. These accomplishments didn't happen over night. And when the problems were just starting, the suggestion was made that maybe the dog should stay home ? The FP said, "no, she just needs to have a litter of pups, that will settle her down." I also have to say, I have never ever seen him pet that dog. So getting back to the walk, I really don't like to accompany her, because she is not my dog, and she is going to do what she wants whether I am there or not. Of course I will try to stop any thing bad, but having her along is a real pain in the butt! She stayed with me for about 3/4 of the walk, but the last I saw her she was her disappearing into a corn field. It's really a shame that its turned out this way, but I just know full well that its not going to be a happy story. p.s. one of the small dogs she tried to kill was mine.............so we have to keep an eye out anytime we let our dog out to make sure she's not in the back field or over in the orchard. We run her off anytime we see her on our property. Anyway......................

Did not have any intention of talking about the dog, but if you read between the lines you are realizing that I am indeed an animal lover. And yes, I do prefer dogs. I could tell you all kinds of dog stories, but just let me end this topic with this statement. There would be a lot of happier dogs and dog owners, if the owners took responsibility of and for their animals. Taught them obedience, etc. Gee, I guess the truth is they treat them like their own children.
They let them do anything they want, and if you have a problem with it, it's your problem! Whew, that almost felt like a rant! LOL

Anyhow, just wanted to report that I just did some shipping! Many critters off to Portland to be adopted. It was a big box, and a couple of the critters I had to give a squeeze. :( this one set by my puter for quite a while. I gave her extra big ears for some reason, and she was just a sweet little critter. Funny how you can get attached for no special reason. But corny as it sounds, I loved this little critter and the child that adopts her will feel it! I truly believe that, nothing is worse than for a child to be ill, they need all kinds of extra love an attention. We all remember how it felt to be sick when we were kids, nothing was worse. So on that note.......................I'll take my leave......................have a super Tuesday, you deserve it.........................:)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Is it Monday already?

Well how you doing this lovely day? Out early and did some raking of plums that our last big wind storm blew off the trees. Needed to get them up and over to burros before they get too mushy. The burros love them and don't mind the grass that comes with. Really a beautiful day going on out there.

Well just in case your curious, I think my puter probs are fixed! Need to check and make sure I have uninstalled everything that I don't want, and need to get Fishdom going. I did do a complete virus scan, and I also ran a third party vulnerability thingy that Kaspersky has, and there were a couple of issues that it wanted to correct, so that's all history as far as I'm concerned. Found out how to change the back-up files schedule, and last but not least how to keep the menu bar visible all the time. I don't like having to keep pushing the alt key. Just lazy I guess???

Got the mans second cotton hat done, fits him much better. Not a loose as the first, so will try a little shrink to fit on the big one and see what happens. I tried on the second one, and I looked pretty ridiculous in it. :) Oh well, not my style I guess. I am sure getting anxious to go down to Nevada. :) :) :)

And I just had the nicest surprise, I had logged on to Ravelry and discovered a new Zebidiah! He is just soooooooooo cute, you got to check him out. Just really made my day. So many things to do, so little time. But I always have time to have fun. I have to add that I am using the old writer and I'm not having a bit of problems. How pleasant is that? :) Hope your day goes purfectly!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunshine on my shoulder

Good day.........
gonna make this a real blog page. Did not get much done yesterday. Got very familiar with this puter. I am having problems, and I think they were self inflicted. I worked all day trying to figure out why I was getting this error message when I started up. Actually the first sign of problems is when the start up screen starts saying "Preparing your Desktop" that means it can't find your desktop.

C:/Windows/system32/config/systemprofile/Desktop refers to a location that is unavailable. It could be on a hard drive on this computer, or on a network. Check to make sure the disk is properly inserted, or that you are connected to the Internet or your network, and then try again. If it still cannot be located, the information might have been moved to a different location

This is the actual message you receive, I did alot of searching around and apparently there are alot of different reasons for this error message. Lets see: anti-virus programs, corrupted user file, hardware conflicts, software conflicts. And the suggested solution? Well, lets see: roll your computer back to factory settings, roll your computer back to date before you had problem, repair corrupted user profile, uninstall anti-virus program. Here's one I had to laugh at, makes me wonder how many people tried it, I have to admit I thought about it.

Some update causes it. But you can do one solution for it. Goto c:\users\ and then right click on desktop and come to properties. On the location tab click move and set the location to c:\Windows\System32\config\Systemprofile\Desktop. Apply these settings and restart your computer. Your problem will be solved. Hope it helps!

I have to admit that I got right to the spot where I was going to change the address and that little voice said, "are you really gonna do that?". And I just knew I shouldn't do it, so I chickened out. I just got this machine less than a week ago. I'm glad I purchased a 2 year warranty, at this rate, or with this machine, I just might need it. So you know I have its service tag, and its registered with Dell. I will say right here and now that this is not the first Dell I have owned. When we were in Staples and the salesman said, that Dell had a fantastic Deal on sale, the first thing I said is, "let me see it", in fact now that I think about it this will be our 4th Dell. It's a Dell dude, the first was a refurbished, and it was a great machine, windows 98 2nd edition. The second, we still have, bought that baby brand new from Dell, XP of course. Only major thing we have had with that pup, is a memory card fried, and when we replaced, we were good to go. It has a huge hard drive, that I have partitioned. It just keeps on going. The third is the little used laptop that I got off of Ebay..........Latitude, first laptop I've owned. Enjoyed it, but its not big enough for what I need to do. So I have stripped it down to bare necessities, I didn't want to wipe the hard drive, so much work to reinstall everything. Never really had anything secret on it, no vital earth shaking info. So I will list it with Craig's List. Gee, I think I got a little carried away there, but this is defintely a log post. So I did not take that fella's advice and thought maybe I'll try something else. Here's another bit of help that I did try to do, but it didn't seem to help.

This error may occur on startup or when trying to save to the Desktop.

To fix it simply go to My Computer -> C:\ -> Users -> [your name]

Right click on the Desktop folder and click Properties.

Click the 'Location' tab and click the 'Restore Default' button.

If you are unable to do that. Go to the following registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell\Folders

Make sure the Desktop value is set to:

"%USERPROFILE%\Desktop" or


I tried the first, in my moving around I did see these settings when you go into the main page of where you save things as the administrator. p.s. I noticed in here there were several links to a hot-mail account that I had opened and closed. There must have been at least 5or6 of them, deleted them all. Gonna go look in there right now. There's a mention of environment variables? I could see that these settings were correct. And I did not have any desire to go into the registry and start fooling around. I guess what this whole thing boils down to is the fact that the problem can be caused by many different things. And as a result there is no one set solution. This page was about how to fix a corrupted user account, I found this tool . I want to add another link here:

A tool for manipulating userprofiles on Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP, Vista ,Server 2008 and Windows 7.

This is a very interesting tool, and I even down loaded and was carefully reading the instructions, when that little voice said, this looks like a good tool, but I don't think it's going to solve your problem. I have to say at this point in the day, I had done a total back up and rolled the computer back twice to earlier dates. And the problem was still coming around. So I am still trying to rack my brain as to what set of circumstances started this problem. One thing I will say about setting up this machine was that it was very hectic. Not the first machine I've set up and I 'm no puter expert by any means. But when setting up a machine, its a good idea to have a plan.

My first line of attack is always to get a good protection software downloaded and running. I happen to like Kaspersky, and we have a license for 3 machines, so my first task was to unload pre-installed McFee. Now I know that Kaspersky has a removal tool for removing their own software. I've used it, and I happened to use it that day. I had decided to install an updated version of Kaspersky Internet Security. What I didn't know was that I was going to have a bit of a problem with the key code. I had already removed McFee and installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. But I was having problems getting the code installed, so after getting help from Kaspersky, and they are great to work with I might say, he gave me a link and the code. One problem the link was to Kaspersky Internet Security 2010! Yes, you know it, now I've got to uninstall and reinstall, and use their removal tool. Make a note of this you computer geeks, even Kaspersky wants you to totally remove their own product before you install another version of their product! I think that says alot. So with a little patience, lol, the task was accomplished. Whew!
Now your asking why am I telling you all this? Well this is a big note to myself as well, lol. When I got ready to try one more roll back, and there was only one left and if it didn't or doesn't work I should say, its back to factory settings. I really don't want to do that! Anyway at this point, there is mention of programs that might not work correctly or might not be restored. A little ray of hope here, I'm thinking I did put PSP8 on this machine, actually I forced it on. I turned off Kaspersky and ran it in administrator mode. Why? Because Kaspersky would not install it, why? Well I guess cos it wasn't compatible with Windows 7? Could that be a reason? I can tell you that after the final roll back, there was no direct link to PSP 8, there were some remaining files, but no exe to click on. Hmmm this could be definitely be a hardware issue, I did remember seeing a couple of errors pop up the couple of times I used it. I did some research and saw that it is NOT compatible with Windows 7 and is considered a bit of a dinosaur? Kind of like being a detective, and trying to check for the clues. I had also installed a game called "Fishdom" after checking around, I found that Windows 7 has no problem running that game. Of course PSP8 is not a game, its quite a large program. I want to add this link, this is to check for compatibility with Windows 7.
Well I went to this site, and pspx2 I ordered last night is listed, and I just went to the Fishdom web site and they state they are compatible with win7, I had read that someplace already on both of them, so I don't need to worry about them. But I guess that means that PSP8 is done, anyway its done for this puter.

I've got a poker tournament in 25 minutes, so I need to get this finished for now. I will probably come back and add. But I have to mention one more link. And this is an important tidbit: McFee Removal Tool

Just read this page, the link to the tool is a little hard to find, but its there and it works, and it works, and it works! It's really kind of strange how you can come across something, and you have that ah haw! moment.......I knew it sure wouldn't hurt to try the tool. I downloaded and in no time it was busy removing junk left behind by Mr. McFee. One thing I knew for sure was that removing those old files would do no harm. I also want to give you a link to the page that gave me this link, this is a great page, very knowledgeable.
Well I hope I have helped you out in the process, in the meantime this info will help me in the future. Wish me luck that this has solved my problem. Three roll backs, psp8 taken off, one more program kind of flashed in my head abiword, I will check that out. Its okay, no problem there.

So what do I think caused this problem? LOL, well I'm not for sure, but if I had to guess and if its fixed I would say, the first thing was the non-total removal of McFee. And the second problem, was when I forced the installation of PSP8. I have removed all the leftover files. I will reinstall Fishdom because the last roll back took its exe file. So wish me luck with the machine and the tournament! I want to add a couple of pics I found of my fav subject. Have a super Sunday...tata......................................p.s. If I think of something else I will be back. I am the only administrator of this machine......................elvis & peaches are history! A little private joke there. :)
Well I'm back, didn't last long in the tourney, my excuse, still got my head around this puter. Went out on Windows web site and have found another interesting solution. I am tempted. Here's the link to Window 7 solution page. But when you read it you see they are mentioning Windows Vista? And they are just talking about restore and checking your disc. :( hmm well now I found another page and they are talking about doing a system file check. Now that sounds interesting, and I don't think it would hurt anything to do it. System file check. well da, that's nothing new...............lol.............thought I had really found something............now they are talking about Windows® 7 repair installation??Just came to a really great page, lots of good information. The reg-edit is really tempting! Would really like to look and see if the errors are there. here's the page.
General Recommendations For Setting Up Users In Windows 7

You absolutely do not want to have only one user account. Like XP, Vista and all other modern operating systems, Windows 7 is a multi-user operating system with built-in system accounts such as Administrator, Default, and Guest. These accounts should be left alone as they are part of the operating system structure.

You need to check out this page. Tells me alot about user accounts and why they are different. Later Gators! have a super Sunday.......................:)

Well I'm not done yet, I think we have yet another culprit for sure. I think I mentioned Windows Live and there Hotmail accounts? I think when I closed the hotmail account, I messed with what they call third party applications which are programs written to work within operating systems, but are written by individuals or companies other than the provider of the operating system. So maybe when I went into the vault of the admin and deleted the hotmail and its info, that might have been the ticket out!!??

I found this page at Microsoft and thought it was interesting also:
I am running windows 7 ver 7100 on a HP laptop and am having a problem with my profile.

When I restart the laptop and login I recieve this error c:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop refers to a location that is not available.

When I reboot the desktop profile loads fine.

This problem seems happen about 1 out of 5 times I try to log in.

Not a critical problem but annoying
That’s the system profile, not user profile. I haven’t seen any system applications need to refer to its desktop before. J
Note: this is referred to as a system Profile!!!!
Check if this error comes up when you do a Clean Boot. Go to Start, type “msconfig” in the search box and press enter. Go to the Services tab, check the Hide all Microsoft services and click the Disable All button. Next, go to the Startup tab and click Disable All. Press OK and restart.

If the error stops, a third party service or application is causing this. You can enable half of the services at a time to narrow down the culprit. Enable half, if the error persists, disable half of the enabled services and retest, repeat as needed.

You can return to a normal boot by opening the msconfig utility and dotting the Normal startup option on the General tab.

You may also want to do a virus/malware scan just to be safe.

We look forward to hearing back from you.
I am going to do this and see what all comes up.............be back................whew let me tell ya there's a whole bunch in there.

Well this is it........I've done all I'm gonna do today................:)