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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Have you seen your Plumber today?

Early walk, nice and cool. Our neighbors dog AKA, could not be dissuaded from coming along. That dog is really something else, the kind of dog you love and don't love. She, like most of us, has a reason why she's the way she is. Her owner is her excuse, and that's really not the correct word for him. How about the food provider? That's a little more accurate unfortunately. The dog is maybe 18 months old now still a teenager in a lot of ways. But because the food provider has not done much of anything but that, this dog is known and has a reputation for about a 2 mile radius. She has been allowed to run and roam at large from the time the FP brought her home. Actually the first time I came in contact with her I was out walking and coming back down the road toward the house when I saw someone get out of the cab of a big tractor and seemed to be trying to catch a young black lab. As I got up closer, I realized it was my neighbor, when I think about it now, I wonder about why he was wanting to get her into the tractor. But that was his mission and he was not having any luck at all! AKA thought this was a wonderful game and was enjoying it immensely. So when he looked up very exasperated, and saw me, he asked if I would help him catch her. So I soon realized she was very shy and if I turned my back and patted my butt, she came right over to me. She was not aggressive and tolerated a little petting. I handed her off and they were soon gone down the road. She was probably about six months old when that happened.

And now that timed has passed, I can think of several neighbors who dislike her very much. She likes t
o fence fight, maul neighbors cats & small dogs, and she kills gophers and chickens. These accomplishments didn't happen over night. And when the problems were just starting, the suggestion was made that maybe the dog should stay home ? The FP said, "no, she just needs to have a litter of pups, that will settle her down." I also have to say, I have never ever seen him pet that dog. So getting back to the walk, I really don't like to accompany her, because she is not my dog, and she is going to do what she wants whether I am there or not. Of course I will try to stop any thing bad, but having her along is a real pain in the butt! She stayed with me for about 3/4 of the walk, but the last I saw her she was her disappearing into a corn field. It's really a shame that its turned out this way, but I just know full well that its not going to be a happy story. p.s. one of the small dogs she tried to kill was mine.............so we have to keep an eye out anytime we let our dog out to make sure she's not in the back field or over in the orchard. We run her off anytime we see her on our property. Anyway......................

Did not have any intention of talking about the dog, but if you read between the lines you are realizing that I am indeed an animal lover. And yes, I do prefer dogs. I could tell you all kinds of dog stories, but just let me end this topic with this statement. There would be a lot of happier dogs and dog owners, if the owners took responsibility of and for their animals. Taught them obedience, etc. Gee, I guess the truth is they treat them like their own children.
They let them do anything they want, and if you have a problem with it, it's your problem! Whew, that almost felt like a rant! LOL

Anyhow, just wanted to report that I just did some shipping! Many critters off to Portland to be adopted. It was a big box, and a couple of the critters I had to give a squeeze. :( this one set by my puter for quite a while. I gave her extra big ears for some reason, and she was just a sweet little critter. Funny how you can get attached for no special reason. But corny as it sounds, I loved this little critter and the child that adopts her will feel it! I truly believe that, nothing is worse than for a child to be ill, they need all kinds of extra love an attention. We all remember how it felt to be sick when we were kids, nothing was worse. So on that note.......................I'll take my leave......................have a super Tuesday, you deserve it.........................:)

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