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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How the heck are ya doing today?

Just checking in, whew what I day I had yesterday. How much do computer techs get paid and hour? Because I got some over time coming. First off I want to put a couple of more pictures in. Thought that was an interesting shot. Kind of what I do sometimes,20100815_4 show my best side. Should have walked today but since I spent almost 15 hours on a puter. I thought I would sleep instead. I just want to make a few notes, so in case I or someone else might run into the same problems, it might help save them a lot of extra work. That’s the thing about these machines, you really do need to pay attention to each and every deal and transaction. Because sometimes you get an unexpected reaction.  It all started simply enough. The man wanted to check out a couple of audio books he had checked out from the library. He could not get the cd to play.  I immediately thought well I had made some updates recently, so perhaps I caused it. The truth of the matter is, Windows Media Player 10 is really not that swift. That’s just my opinion, I spent some fair time trying to roll back to 9 but that’s not ever gonna happen. So Windows Media Player 11 is now  residing on that XP.

I think maybe “rollback” should be the keyword of this little saga. I decided that the easiest way to put the machine back to right, was to roll it back about 7 days. Well the roll back worked perfectly. Only one problem, and a glaring one at that. Kaspersky is just burping and ……… uncontrollably, it needs to update its files and I click update, it updates for 3 seconds, stops, and again tells me its files are corrupt and outdated! So I went out on there site and 20100815_3 the first thing they suggested was that I do an upgrade to version 11. So I figured why not? Immediately got the Kaspersky removal tool, my ole buddy. :) I then proceeded to uninstall 10, install and update 11. Needed to reboot after the big update. Was thinking I’m just about done here.  Hmmm I saw the light kind of flash on the mouse when it rebooted. Guess what? The mouse died. Never had that happen before. The keyboard was still working, and for that I am most grateful. With no keyboard this story would not have a happy ending.  Look at that handsome fella, kind of reminds me of an appie that I had back a loooooooooooong time ago. Back in the good old days. No, I’m not going there, anyway back to the machine. No mouse and then pretty quick, I notice there also is no access to the internet. Hmm seems to be no power to the USB ports. This is the new problem I now had, and unbeknownst to me there was indeed a fairly easy solution. The question was, how long was it going to take me to figure it out?

Well it took from about 11:20am Tuesday  until about 6:30am Wednesday morning. One of those situations that you just can’t walk away from. So some of the solutions for restoring your usb ports, lets see unplug your computer and let it set. No. How 20100815_8 about go in and enable and uninstall and delete? Well no that didn’t work either. Hmmm and did I forget to remind you I’m doing all this without a mouse, just the keyboard? Well now we are talking fun. Kaspersky keeps parking itself right in the middle of the screen. Its complaining about some file, etc. I’m not going to drag this out, too many hours spent for each twist and turn. But I have to say, that if I had not had my machine going to do the research, and find the info, I would never have succeeded. 

I will just say what I did, and not why. It will be easier that way. I could not get the USB to work period. Another suggestion was that perhaps I had a virus so I needed to run scan disk, also do a virus scan, do some corrections in the registry. Well I tried to run a scan with Kaspersky, but I could not access it with the keyboard no matter how hard I tried. So I tried another roll back, nope. So a big decision was made, I will run an xp repair, of course I had to go into bios so I could run the cd, which was working. The xp repair was a total nightmare. You think well you just put the cd’s in the machine copies the files, and burps a couple of times, and the next thing you know you have done a repair. Right? Wrong! I think I ended up restarting the repair at least 3 times, maybe 4. The thing is, it would get about to the point where’s it telling you it has 34 more minutes until it will be finished. Just about that time, the screen pops up and tells you you need a3d.dll and to get it off one of your resource cd’s. This also reminds me of one place where they suggested that you get all these dll files and put them into certain parts of windows, I even wrote the list down, and I thought how am I going to do that with just the keyboard, am I going to put them on a floppy? I can’t copy or paste?

So back to the repair, the first couple of times it asked me for the a3d.dll file, I know I never did find it, but it did allow me to go on, and then in a couple of more minutes it wanted IntelCci.dll and it had something to do with the modem. So one of my resource disk was marked modem. I did find that file every time.  The first file,on the third or fourth try, I ended up finding it on the hard drive and it was not in a file it was just setting there by itself. Eureka! So after finding a3d.dll and its in that order.Also the machine is a Dell Inspiron 440 with XP os. Well I though20100815_7 t this last time when it told me to put the primo resource disk in, I thought I was home free. But again it seem to hang at 34 min. to go. And it wasn’t showing as much progress as before. I guess it was then that I thought this wasn’t going to work, and that I had probably killed it. Because what happens after it seems to bog down and that time varies, it will just all of a sudden give you the dreaded blue screen. So I really have no idea other than the fact that I did indeed find both files and they were taken, also mentioned something about certificates, and I said yes. I was pretty tired by then. And I had pretty much decided that this effort was going to be a failure, and that I would probably have to do a clean install. YUK! Well ladies and gentlemen, i don’t know why, but for what ever reason as I am setting there about 3 in the morning, that machine took off and started counting down those minutes and I was one happy camper. Of course its not over til the fat lady sings.LLLLLLaaaaaaa…………..but I was really hopeful! And indeed it did reboot, I saw the lights in the mouse, but when windows restarted for the first time, the mouse was still out of whack! :( I could have cried. I knew the mouse was working, I had tried it on my puter. There was a bit of concern as you are not supposed to unplug a mouse when the machine is on, and we had done that once. Well at this point, I was pretty much beat. I thought well we can unplug this baby and I will get some sleep, and when I wake up it will be working fine? Your not buying that are you? I didn’t either. So I had seen a couple of people who had had the lag, one guy deleted one of the files asked for, then he couldn’t log in. So his repair wasn’t really successful either. So I’m thinking maybe I do have a virus, but how can I do a scan? I can’t even get on the internet? So I did a little research about Kaspersky and there’s this article about a gal who had done an upgrade, and it knocked out her mouse, I think she still had her keyboard also. Anyway, this story has gone on too long. I uninstalled Kaspersky, rebooted, still the same problem. Then I remembered that I had the Kaspersky removal tool from earlier. Found that dude, fired him up and told him to get rid of all Kaspersky  files. Well it did some work for a little while, said the job was done and it needed to reboot. Rebooted……………20100815_6 ……….you guessed it. WE GOT MOUSE!!!!!! I could have cried or yelled or both. Still needed to clean up my mess, but the worst was over. I was back in business ladies and gentlemen. Installed Microsoft essentials, its free. Not ready for Kaspersky yet. Found a free virtual keyboard, something that Kaspersky has,and I think they are a great idea to foil key loggers. Had to go to Microsoft and get all 73 updates, poor machine was getting as tired as I was by now. But I tell ya, when I touched that mouse and I saw that little arrow move. I was sooooooo relieved. Just a little more housecleaning, like I said that puter now has windows media player 11 works great! Even got the mans favorite wall paper back on, since I had saved it previously. Now if you think there’s a moral to this story, I don’t know what it would be. I guess that if you like who done its, then you will enjoy working on these wonderful machines. They can be a curse at times, but they are many times over such a blessing. Have fun……you deserve it! p.s. This is one of my very favorite spots. There is a crane in that picture, but I could not sneak up on him. And if you look real hard at the picture above this one you will see him flying across the corn field.

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