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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Whatca up too? Hmmm?

Just a few lines, just checking in mostly. Had a little more burping from the machine, so I’m just about 99% positive that it was not any program that I put on. Interesting how there’s so much info out there but no one really seems to know what causes it. Well, I’m gonna stick my neck out and say, “It’s “Windows Live” that causes it. If you start a mail program with hotmail which you must in order to get the programs started, then you delete your hotmail account, then every time the puter tries to log-in it tries to connect those programs. And sincecomputer36 you closed the hot-mail account it has no recourse, but to announce : C:/Windows/system32/config/systemprofile/Desktop refers to a location that is unavailable.
Yesterday, I had Windows Live Messenger keep popping up when I logged, a log in that was just fine I might add. But when I wanted it to forget me, the program, and it said, are you SURE? And I said yes, well wasn’t long after that, I got my old buddy back! :) So I did some more research, and have taken Windows Live Messenger completely off. Also Skype, and Dell datasafe,  don’t need, don’t want. So I am hoping that this continuing saga of the machine will fade away. And we will have other interests to spend our time and energy on. I still have a little critter patiently waiting for me. I think today is the day, or tonite that’s for sure.  I guess its the not knowing for sure if something is fixed. I did learn yesterday that if I went into config sys, and delete the bak file, it will indeed just replace itself the next time you boot up. I did do a file check, don’t know if it found anything but it seemed like a good idea? Enough of that…………………
Was out early kind of cool, had to run back and get a light jacket. The man was out mowing, we get irrigated on Thursday’s, so he was trying to race the water, I think the water was winning. He does a lot of mowing, and he looks pretty cute with his headset on with his favorite radio show Bob & Tom going. I had picked a couple of the neighbors apples yesterday. When I talked to him last week, he had told me to take whatever I wanted.  This apple tree doesn’t  have very much fruit at all, but the size of the apples for this time of year are impressive. So even tho Iimage had not tasted the 2 apples I brought home yesterday, I decided that I would take what was left on the tree, as the birds were already at them. Also the neighbor said they weren’t going to use them. So since I had the jacket on, I figured I could put one in each pocket, and that I could put the rest inside my jacket. Well like I said, these are good sized apples, and they fit barely, think I had 7 apples. Kind of felt like a bantum hen that is trying to get all her eggs under her.
I had a pet Bantum chicken, who didn’t lay anymore, so every year I would collect the eggs from the other chickens, who I didn’t let set, and I would present them to her. She was a great little mother, and I knew she could set 9 eggs comfortably, but the 10th was liable to pop out! So here I am with my 7 big apples safely tucked into my jacket, but after just a couple of steps, I could tell that they were not going to stay put, they needimage some help. So walking down the road, clutching my bigger than usual middle, I decided that I needed to transfer the load. I sure didn’t want them to fall and get bruised! I mean if I’m gonna pack these things home, I’m bringing them home in good shape! :) Had to stop and use a neighbors lawn to take off jacket and put apples in jacket………….much better. Well I am pleased to say that’s what I had for breakfast! Tasty!!!…………….
And after logging in to Ravelry I found the sweetest note. We have another Tyler T Tucker! He is so cute, she dyed the yarn with purple Kool-aid and did he come out great! Just makes my day! So on that upbeat I will take my leave………….remember………..have fun! :)image

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