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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Down-sizing?…… Gee I hope not. Keep on Knitting!

Just a quick note. Needed to go to town yesterday. Decided I needed to get some decent hiking socks. My feet are really still not fully recovered from the last over 4 hour trek. Of course I’m not going to quit walking while I wait for everybody to get happy?! That might take awhile. Anyway, I’m off to get some hiking socks, got a couple pairs of Smartwool. Both medium thickness, not the same, I think they will workImage1 fine. We have a little something coming up Saturday, so now I don’t know whether to wear my boots or nikes? When in doubt, boots. Soooo anyway, had fun looking at all the different socks, the store was called the “Outdoorsman,” first time I had been in there. I didn’t look at everything, but it seemed to have a good supply of everything you might need. If you like camouflage, this is your store! Kind of reminds me of the leopard and animal print that was so popular a few years ago. He’s pretty cute huh?

So any way I am digressing. After I found the socks, I decided since I was in town I better mosey on over to Joann’s, I mean they might have something I need? You know how it goes, I just love looking at the colors, and thinking about what I could make out of it. I also want to get started on my next design, but I need to make another sample first. I am proud to report, the ordered project is 99% finished. Just a couple of little finishing touches should dImage2o it.I had not been in Joann’s in a few weeks, but the first thing I was noticing was that that the yarn seemed to have been moved around. While I’m thinking about it, I need to go check their on line store, so I will be able to answer a question that you might have. Okay, so I’m noticing there’s not as much yarn. And the first thing I realize, there entire stock of RedHeart is gone! I like RedHeart a lot, It’s a good rugged yarn. So I find that rather depressing, because I really do enjoy seeing all the dif ferent yarns in person, you can touch it, feel it, and of course see the colors. Color charts don’t work for me. Back in the dark ages they had color charts with actual pieces of the yarn attached. Now that worked. Okay, I checked on Joann’s web site, they are still carrying RedHeart. But I am disappointed that they felt it was necessary to take it out of this particularOwl-Knittingmm store. p.s. 10/4/2010 called the store they reassured me they were not discontinuing RedHeart? Hmmmmm
Fortunately we have a little dime store that is so amazing, you never know what you will find there. And I am happy to say they carry a huge assortment of RedHeart, so I am lucky indeed. Of course if your not a knitter, I’m sure you could give a hoot! Oh well, talk at ya later. Give a Hoot, Keep on Knitting!

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