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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hiking down the rail-trail & New Videos Added to YouTube!

And I have to say what a beautiful piece of country we hiked into, absolutely gorgeous. I did take a few pictures, but I discovered my batteries were getting low, so even after flipping the batteries over the camera was not acting normally.  We saw a lot of wild life the first being three does, we interrupted their breakfast. They turned around a couple of times as they were climbing a very steep mountain, really gave you the perspective watching them climb and get smaller as they went. The weather could not have been more perfect. It was a bit nippy starting off, but by mid day I would say it was just about 75. The only problem I had was with my boots, they were not the most comfortable.
Lots of water, could actually hear it moving in places. Other than two ranches we passed when we first started out, there was no more sign of humans. If you like the outdoors, you would have really enjoyed this hike. A few horses and some cattle were spotted, they took a little interest in us, but not much. On the way back I happened to look down on the waters edge there was a large rock with two water otters. They slid into the water and at first they swam away from us, but in only a few minutes they were swimming back towards us. We also noticed that the smaller otter was riding piggy back on the larger. So we figured it must be mother and babe. One of them followed us for a little while. So nice to see them in their own environment, really wonderful. I think seeing them was really the high light of our hike.
Well on the knitting front, I didn’t get much done yesterday, the last 30 minutes or so of the hike, my feet were really hurting. Looking at the water, I think we both wanted to go down and take our boots off and dip the pinkies. But then we would have to put our boots back on! So onward we went, I really had a blast. But I guarantee I will be wearing a pair of boots that fit, and that will be better intended for this type of terrain. It says here in fine print. Glad to report not much soreness today, and there are no blisters to report. The little toes on both feet are both swollen because of the boots, but I can live with that.DSCF2683 My partner didn’t seem to have any boot problems, I think her feet might have been getting a little tired also. See the sign? Made out of old rail road spikes. How clever is that? Thanks for a wonderful day girl! Your the best.
Did work on the project last nite, should have that finished this evening with any luck. And ta da……………..I am proud to announce I did make a couple of “how to”videos today. September 24, 2010
How to knit: 3 needle cast on with double pointed needles

 How to: pick up stitches in middle of project

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