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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I’m a Country Duck

Well we had our first sign of frost this am. Result: tomato plants have disappeared, strange how that happens every year.rescued  A garden spider got disturbed in the process, but just to show what a nice guy I’m married to he moved it over to the the zucchini plants. I guess in the process his own web got wrapped around his back, so he actually had to be rescued twice! But he did just fine. How kewl is that?

Had some variegated yarn, I’ve had in my stash for soooo long. When I think about it, I must have had that yarn for 20 years! It’s Red Heart nothing that special, but it just has so many of the colors that I love. Funny how you can just have a dab of yarn, and you hang on to it like that. bj crochet bears So in my foraging, I have been coming across it. I save all my little balls of yarn, and when I get enough of them I make an afghan using the neatest pattern. Let me look and see if I can find the link. I found it:  The Mindless Knitting, TV Watching, Scrap User-Upper Afghan! It really is the neatest pattern, perfect for all those odd ball bits of yarn you end up with. And the way you put the colors together will blow your mind. Hint: do exactly as it says and even you will be amazed how the colors will come together. Anyway, I got off track again didn’t I? Oh well. I’m thinking I do have a couple of pictures of this pattern. That’s one of them with the arrow pointing at it. I have made several of these afghans and I just love them. These are some of the first bears I made. I still have the little guy.:)

Anyway, where the heck was I? Oh yeah, the variegated yarn. Well I finally decided to use it, and I used every bit of it. None left, nada. But since the project is for me my country duck, unless someone comes along and just has to have it? p.s. he does have a matching scarf!


  I guess we are all just over grown kids, I know I am. But lets see, country duck. Well, that’s me and that’s the name of my latest project. Calvin the Country Duck. Well I’m gonna try to make a couple of videos today. Wish me luck……you know the routine……have fun

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