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Friday, October 8, 2010

This just “Dawned” on me!

Out this morning checking out my  boots. Seeing how comfortable purple boy tea they feel, and I am happy to report, they felt and still feel very very nice. The wool socks really do the trick, and the fact that they aren’t too thick really helps also. Left foot still having problems, so don’t know if its up for a four hour hike or not. I’m up for it, just not sure how that tendon will do. Anyway……………………… 

Went to pick Foxy up from the Vet yesterday, and they had to pull some of his teeth! I was totally shocked. Made me feel really bad for him, but I guess if they needed to come out, that’s what they had to do. He was pretty goofy coming home, should have asked the man to ride along. And when he let out a big groan, and I’m thinking they didn’t even give me anything for him for pain? So the first thing I did when I got home was call them andbuddies ask if he should have something and they said dogs handle it really well? Whatever that means? The man being ever considerate had cooked him some rice and chicken, a treat for sure. But under the circumstances, it was really great to be able to offer him some soft food. Well  you would have thought the dog hadn’t eaten in days, the way he inhaled it. Of course his beard was full of debris. He’s doing better today, doing a lot of sleeping. So while I was walking I was thinking of all this and I remembered that my Brutus Bee Beastie Boy has a new home and a new buddy. Now, how cute is that?

Just thinking about a little gal that grew up with my daughter, she is very special to me. She and I have always had a lot in common, neither of us had anythingPurple boy given to us. We both have had to work for everything, and that means everything. She is one terrific little gal, and I am very proud of her.

I just want to reach out and say “I love you Dawn!” Have fun……………. there’s no  time like the present.

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