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My patterns are written so that they are easy to follow, and include photos and instructions to help you. If you haven’t tried making a toy using the knitting in the round method, give it a try, your in for a very pleasant surprise! If you have a question contact me at bjfromnv@gmail.com

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where did the sun go?

Did a quick lap this morning, also threw in some deep breathing. Think I will definitely get in the habit of doing that a couple of times a day. Sure won’t hurt a thing, since I’m an ex-smoker. A habit I sure don’t miss. I quit 6 years ago, I was still working in the Smoke Shop and a lot of people thought it was quite amazing that I was able to quit smoking andDSCF2691 continue working there. But as I told them, there were a couple of times that the craving hit. When that happened I had a plastic stir stick that you can get from any 7-eleven or place that sells coffee to go. I would just put that puppy in my mouth and chew on it, etc. Smokers are oral people and we like putting things in our mouth, don’t laugh, it’s true! So by putting that stick in my mouth it just simply relieved the craving. Worked for me, and according to a lot of people I talked to, it worked for them also. Much better than a tooth pick, they get soft and fall apart. Nobody even notices either.  How did I get off on that?

Well I got Eddie finished last night. Came out pretty cute. The sun was shining brightly whenDSCF2699 I took off walking. I thought about taking his picture before  I left, I like to take pictures with a soft light. But since we have quite a few clouds today, I thought it would be fine by the time I got back. Well it looks like it wants to rain? But I got some nice shots. I love this pattern, because of the fact that it is totally safe for the smallest infant. And of course, I love those huge “Dumbo the Elephant” like ears. I loved that story when I was a kid. I hope you have a great day, I’m working on it! :)

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