"Knitting and crocheting has been my hobby since childhood. I started making stuffed toys for children hospitals several years ago. It has become a passion, I absolutely love making them. My “Critters” are a nice cuddly, hug-gable, lovable size for the children. And what’s truly amazing is how much pure pleasure a person can receive by creating them."
My patterns are written so that they are easy to follow, and include photos and instructions to help you. If you haven’t tried making a toy using the knitting in the round method, give it a try, your in for a very pleasant surprise! If you have a question contact me at bjfromnv@gmail.com

Friday, November 26, 2010

Are you blissful?

Got a lot done last night and today. And I am very proud to introduce “Billy Bliss Bunny Rabbit” my latest pattern.frontpage

I love making the sleepy animals, and I love to picture them comforting a sick child. And they are totally safe for all ages of children. Gosh I really hate to admit it, but I do get attached to my critters. But its not long and they let me know their getting bored and want to get adopted. LOL

So how was your Thanksgiving? I hope you had a wonderful day with your family. And if not with your family, I just hope you had a great day. Well since its “Black Friday” I just had to do a little online shopping. They have some great sales going on for yarn. Red Heart is really marked down. Joann’s web site actually went down for about 30 minutes due to the heavy traffic. While I was waiting for them to come back on, I checked a few other web sites, but the sale prices Joann’s is offering beat them all.So if you need some yarn……….lol.


Tried to take some outside pictures this afternoon, and it’s still brrrrrrrrrr cold out there. Kind of a dark and dreary sort of day. The fire in the wood stove feels real good, if you know what I mean. I was hoping the sun would come out, but I didn’t get any cooperation. Anyway, I hope your having fun. Later.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Did you get your flu shot? hmmm?

Going to drop in again to see what’s happening. Still blustery cold outside. Found my down jacket and put that puppy on and had a nice warm walk. It’s really amazing how cold it can turn in just a few days. Been waiting for my bud to go walking with me, but I just heard she’s got the flu! And she doesn’t get flu shots either? Well I hope she’s feeling better real soon. We got the flu shot last month, we just have gotten to the point where it’s a must do every year. My Mom is in her 80’s and I don’t want her getting the flu. She got the flu a couple of years ago from a little boy with a bad cough who came in her rock shop. She was so sick I thought I was going to have to take her to the emergency room. So if your getting a little long in the tooth, get the flu shot, please………..funny

Well no yarn today, so I guess I won’t get it til Friday. I really can’t remember the last time I had to put something down to wait for more yarn. Started a new pattern last nite and its coming along nicely. Still trying to decide what color to use for a baby girl’s sweater. I love bright colors myself, and I have to watch out that I don’t pick something too bold.

Just had a nice visit with an old dear friend that I used to work with in Ca. Ah those were the days my friends! Gosh did we have a blast. And like she said, we wouldn’t change a thing. It truly was a different world out there. Later.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It feels like winter………..

Good day to ya! Well we’ve had some snow, and wind. And when I went for a walk today, I just about froze my butt off. Brrrrrrrrrr got some wind chill factor going on. I could have used a ski mask when I started off. I even had on my long johns, thank goodness I did.

Just a couple of more days til Thanksgiving. Seems like its showed up quick this year. Haven’t heard the man mention anything about what he’s cooking, probably will be the usual fare. Trying not to get to enthused since I am still trying to unload some unwanted baggage. If you know what I mean? Anyway………….

On the knitting front, I am 3/4 finished with the afghan. Only got one problem, I have run out of one of my colors! I went to Joann’s last week but they didn’t have the brown color I needed. So I came back home and ordered it. That was last week so hopefully it will show up tomorrow or the next day. DSCF2949

So in the meantime, I need to start another pattern and I have a baby sweater I want to make. I have a lot more things to make but this is the way I have it lined up. I have held off shipping the critters and plan on shipping them the first part of December. So other than that, everything is going along splendidly. Keeping warm and happy and healthy. Hope this finds you the same!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What happened?

Well I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in so many days! I guess I have been going around in circles in more ways than one. Most frustrating feeling to start a project, frog project, restart project, improvise, improvise some more, and you know what you end up with? Nada, nada gosh darn thing.DSCF2937 I have just about worn that yarn out. LOL, I think its jinxed or something. I mean………..how long have I been trying to make this sweater? Ridiculous, I have wasted so much time its unbelievable. I gave up officially last nite about 3am, frogged that puppy. So now the yarn is back in the same bag that I brought it home in.

I need to make an afghan, a sweater, maybe two sweaters, hats, and gloves, before xmas. I haven’t gotten anything accomplished in over a week! So now the dilemma is which project do I start first. I am trying not to get down on myself, the one thing I have noticed is that a lot of us knitters/crocheters seem to have a lot of trouble making things for ourselves. So in that fact I’m not unusual. I think I will start the afghan, it will obviously take the most time, but at the same time I don’t have to worry about gauge or whether its going to fit right. What a pain in the butt! Oh well, if everything went perfectly all the time, you wouldn’t have anything to compare it to. Right?

In the meantime, I have been walking everyday and still using the hand weights on a regular basis. Noticed the wind seemed to blowing when I got up, didn’t think much of it until I got out there.DSCF2938 The wind almost took the back gate out of my hands it was blowing so hard. Made me think of Nevada wind, so I would guess that wind was at least 60mph easily. When it was on my back, it almost took me off my feet a couple of times. In fact I had to go back in and put on my hooded sweatshirt, so I could use the hood to keep my hat on. Won’t tell you how many times I had to blow my nose!!!!! Well I hope all is well with you and yours. We be good. Have fun.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Vets Day to you!

Lots of frost out there this morning. Out sweeping leaves off the board sidewalk, with the frost they sure like to stick. And frost and boards means slippery. Don’t have a whole lot planned for the day. Got laundry going, the man is at the dentist. Yuk! Hope all goes well. Nuff said on that subject.

On the knitting front, Image2I finished both sleeves last night and picked up for the collar and have the short rowing done. So I am on the homestretch. I did garter stitch on the bottom of the body and again did the I-cord bind off on the sleeves, being a little more careful when sewing the ends together. I guess I’m looking for invisibility there and I’m not going to get it. I have not finished tucking in the ends on the sleeves, so I have left the possibility open for change.

Today I want to tell you about a group called Beadforlife. I was listening to the radio on a station out of Las Vegas last week, and they had some guests on the show and they were talking about this organization. This is the first time I had heard of it, so when they gave the internet address, I checked it out. First of all its an awesome site. Image1So much information and very well laid out. And it amazed me how making these beautiful beads can totally change an entire families life. The bracelet is mine. I paid $5 for it, and it makes me feel good knowing that I might have helped some one so far away in Uganda. If you get a chance please stop by this web site and check it out. These beautiful beads are made from paper! On the web site they have videos showing the women making the beads, and so much more information. Well I hope you have a nice day, my arms are telling me about packing those walking weights. Going to wait until it warms up a little more and a walking with weights we will go. Have fun.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What did you frog today? hmmm??

Well I did it, you know it never fails to amaze me how fast you can rip something back, compared to the time it took to crochet or knit it. I did in fact own a couple of knitting machines at one time. I taught myself how to use them, and they were a lot of fun. I will say that if you did happen to make a mistake, and sometimes the machine would make a mistake it could take up to an hour to get it corrected. So knitting machines can be very time consuming also. I don’t think people really appreciate the time and expertise it takes to make something on a knitting machine. I enjoyed using them, but I guess the truth of the matter is, I enjoy the feel of the yarn and working it with my hands. So anyway here’s a picture of the almost finished “Iced” sweater.DSCF2940

I did try it on one more time to make sure that it wasn’t going to work. I really love this pattern, and if its flattering for me it will look good on just about anyone. I also want to say that this yarn is very soft and I enjoy working with it.DSCF2941

So I have started again making it one size larger and have already gotten to the point of dividing for the sleeves, this is a fast knit, so with any luck I should be done in a couple of days. Just got back from walking, it was nice and crispy out there. They are cutting the corn. I love to watch the huge machinery at work. They sure have come a long way. Well you have a super day.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Poppin in…………

Just a couple of lines to let you know what I’ve been up to. Finished the sweater, it really came out nice. But alas, the style does absolutely nothing for this short gal. So it is staying in tact, and will become a xmas present. So just in case I am not going to take a pic of it.

Took some  pics the other day when I was out walking, fall colors are so pretty. Good thing I did, because since these pics were taken we’ve had wind and rain, and you know what happens to the leaves when that happens. This picture was taken last week so everything was still dry.


When I walked today, I had to stay on the road, because it was so muddy. And to change things up, I took some walking weights 5 pounds each hand. Only walked 45 minutes, but I think my arms might tell me about it in a couple of days.

So now on the knitting front, I am determined to make myself a sweater before I start the rest of the xmas presents. I also need to do some updating on a couple of my patterns.  So  in the meantime, I am now working on a pattern called “Iced by Carol Feller”

It’s a free pattern, and its worked from the top down. I am at the collar at this time. I used 10 1/2 size needles and I am using Lion Brand Wool ease chunky. I got 7  skeins, and making the size 42 looks like I will have left over. Only one problem, they talk about positive and negative ease. And with this size, I don’t have much positive ease. So I am seriously considering frogging and going up a size. I used and I-cord bind off on the sleeves, and I am not real happy with the seam.DSCF2934

Saw a reverse stockinet stitch which I think would look good. Don’t like the idea of a garter hem. So when I get finished here I think I have made up my mind to redo. I also saw a suggestion that after picking up the stitches for the collar to do the first row knitting through the back loops, which will tighten that first row up.  Also pick up extra stitches under arm to prevent holes, you can decrease them the second row. I will try the “go to stretchy” bind off - K1, K1, transfer both stitches to the left needle and knit both through the back of the loops, repeat from until you are done binding off.I think this is really a good idea. And when you want to make the button loops, you can  mark where you want your buttons to go and when you get to those points,use a crochet hook and chain  the number of stitches needed to make a loop for the  button and then continue on with the bind off. So I think that’s it. Hope your doing good, are you starting to think xmas yet? You better, its gonna creep up on you. So a froggin I will go, I’ll even take a picture such a shame, so close to being finished! :(

Monday, November 1, 2010

Magic Monday……….& row counters

Hi! How are ya? Have a good day? I hope so, cos I did. I never fail to enjoy the fact that I don’t have to get up and go to work. And its interesting how they are always saying that we all have our own inner clock. Well I have always believed that. Here in Idaho we are on Mountain Time, so that means that its an hour earlier in Nevada and California. We’ve been up here going on four years now, but my inner clock will always be the same. So at 8am bright and early? I wake up every day. Not early I know, but I don’t go to bed early either!

So got some house work done today, but I needed to go to Joann’s since I need one more skein to finish the sweater I’m working on. I have decided to make it longer than called for. But I was down to 2 skeins and still needed to make the sleeves, so I figured I would make both sleeves, and what was left over I would just add onto the bottom of the sweater. Well da, one sleeve took almost a skein. And of course I wanted to change the cuff, I’m just not crazy about a picot edge. Don’t know why, but for this sweater………naw. So, I was racking my brain with all sorts of ideas, because I am not starting at the cuff, I am coming down to the cuff. I did do some decreasing, and tried to do a reverse lace pattern, but that didn’t work. So I made the lace and used Kitchener to graft it. Thought about a 3needle bind off, probably would have worked just as well. Maybe on the next sweater. So now that I know how much yarn I need for a sleeve, I couldn’t proceed with out more yarn.

So I get into Joann’s, the yarn I used for this sweater is Vanna’s and it just happens to be on sale, 2 for $5 and I’m looking all over and I don’t see the shade of grey that I need.

Talk about a nail biting moment, I finally snagged an employee and bless her heart she took me over where they had more. Phew!  I always try to not over buy when purchasing for a sweater, but I could just see this sweater setting and waiting to be finished. And since my retirement I really try not to let things set around unfinished. Because that’s usually the way they end up.

Last year, I really put the hours in for Xmas, I decided that I wanted to make an afghan for each of my eight grand-children. Well I don’t have to do that this year, so I think I will do smaller things. We also have a wee one, that I want to make some stuff for. Little Skylar, she is so cute. Too bad she’s not closer.  So I found all the yarn I need hopefully to get everything made. Last year was a little stressful. But I’m getting an early start this year, so I don’t think I will have any problems?

And one last note, if your wondering what are these beautiful pieces of jewelry? They are Row Counters! Are they too beautiful or what? I had ordered one of these row counter bracelets for myself. And when I got the package today  I opened it, looked at the invoice and was a little surprised to see that my name was not on the invoice? And the listed items were not what I had ordered. 

  So when I opened  the rest of the package and found someone else's order. Reminds me of the whole laptop saga. So I contacted the seller, and I will forward it  to the correct buyer. So we got that all taken care of. Anyway it also reminded me of the cop telling me that if a package is delivered to you that you can just keep it? Even if its not yours? Ridiculous!

So while I’m trying to contact the seller, I started looking at the bracelets again. I don’t want to even tell you how much time I spent window shopping, trying to decide which one I wanted the first time.  Do yourself a favor if you’re a knitter do not go to ETSY and type in row counters for knitters. LOL! They have some of the most beautiful original things out there. I mean they are functional and just so neat! And they would make a great Xmas present if you need to buy a gift for a knitter.  HINT HINT!  Have fun………….later :)