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Monday, November 1, 2010

Magic Monday……….& row counters

Hi! How are ya? Have a good day? I hope so, cos I did. I never fail to enjoy the fact that I don’t have to get up and go to work. And its interesting how they are always saying that we all have our own inner clock. Well I have always believed that. Here in Idaho we are on Mountain Time, so that means that its an hour earlier in Nevada and California. We’ve been up here going on four years now, but my inner clock will always be the same. So at 8am bright and early? I wake up every day. Not early I know, but I don’t go to bed early either!

So got some house work done today, but I needed to go to Joann’s since I need one more skein to finish the sweater I’m working on. I have decided to make it longer than called for. But I was down to 2 skeins and still needed to make the sleeves, so I figured I would make both sleeves, and what was left over I would just add onto the bottom of the sweater. Well da, one sleeve took almost a skein. And of course I wanted to change the cuff, I’m just not crazy about a picot edge. Don’t know why, but for this sweater………naw. So, I was racking my brain with all sorts of ideas, because I am not starting at the cuff, I am coming down to the cuff. I did do some decreasing, and tried to do a reverse lace pattern, but that didn’t work. So I made the lace and used Kitchener to graft it. Thought about a 3needle bind off, probably would have worked just as well. Maybe on the next sweater. So now that I know how much yarn I need for a sleeve, I couldn’t proceed with out more yarn.

So I get into Joann’s, the yarn I used for this sweater is Vanna’s and it just happens to be on sale, 2 for $5 and I’m looking all over and I don’t see the shade of grey that I need.

Talk about a nail biting moment, I finally snagged an employee and bless her heart she took me over where they had more. Phew!  I always try to not over buy when purchasing for a sweater, but I could just see this sweater setting and waiting to be finished. And since my retirement I really try not to let things set around unfinished. Because that’s usually the way they end up.

Last year, I really put the hours in for Xmas, I decided that I wanted to make an afghan for each of my eight grand-children. Well I don’t have to do that this year, so I think I will do smaller things. We also have a wee one, that I want to make some stuff for. Little Skylar, she is so cute. Too bad she’s not closer.  So I found all the yarn I need hopefully to get everything made. Last year was a little stressful. But I’m getting an early start this year, so I don’t think I will have any problems?

And one last note, if your wondering what are these beautiful pieces of jewelry? They are Row Counters! Are they too beautiful or what? I had ordered one of these row counter bracelets for myself. And when I got the package today  I opened it, looked at the invoice and was a little surprised to see that my name was not on the invoice? And the listed items were not what I had ordered. 

  So when I opened  the rest of the package and found someone else's order. Reminds me of the whole laptop saga. So I contacted the seller, and I will forward it  to the correct buyer. So we got that all taken care of. Anyway it also reminded me of the cop telling me that if a package is delivered to you that you can just keep it? Even if its not yours? Ridiculous!

So while I’m trying to contact the seller, I started looking at the bracelets again. I don’t want to even tell you how much time I spent window shopping, trying to decide which one I wanted the first time.  Do yourself a favor if you’re a knitter do not go to ETSY and type in row counters for knitters. LOL! They have some of the most beautiful original things out there. I mean they are functional and just so neat! And they would make a great Xmas present if you need to buy a gift for a knitter.  HINT HINT!  Have fun………….later :)

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