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Monday, November 8, 2010

Poppin in…………

Just a couple of lines to let you know what I’ve been up to. Finished the sweater, it really came out nice. But alas, the style does absolutely nothing for this short gal. So it is staying in tact, and will become a xmas present. So just in case I am not going to take a pic of it.

Took some  pics the other day when I was out walking, fall colors are so pretty. Good thing I did, because since these pics were taken we’ve had wind and rain, and you know what happens to the leaves when that happens. This picture was taken last week so everything was still dry.


When I walked today, I had to stay on the road, because it was so muddy. And to change things up, I took some walking weights 5 pounds each hand. Only walked 45 minutes, but I think my arms might tell me about it in a couple of days.

So now on the knitting front, I am determined to make myself a sweater before I start the rest of the xmas presents. I also need to do some updating on a couple of my patterns.  So  in the meantime, I am now working on a pattern called “Iced by Carol Feller”

It’s a free pattern, and its worked from the top down. I am at the collar at this time. I used 10 1/2 size needles and I am using Lion Brand Wool ease chunky. I got 7  skeins, and making the size 42 looks like I will have left over. Only one problem, they talk about positive and negative ease. And with this size, I don’t have much positive ease. So I am seriously considering frogging and going up a size. I used and I-cord bind off on the sleeves, and I am not real happy with the seam.DSCF2934

Saw a reverse stockinet stitch which I think would look good. Don’t like the idea of a garter hem. So when I get finished here I think I have made up my mind to redo. I also saw a suggestion that after picking up the stitches for the collar to do the first row knitting through the back loops, which will tighten that first row up.  Also pick up extra stitches under arm to prevent holes, you can decrease them the second row. I will try the “go to stretchy” bind off - K1, K1, transfer both stitches to the left needle and knit both through the back of the loops, repeat from until you are done binding off.I think this is really a good idea. And when you want to make the button loops, you can  mark where you want your buttons to go and when you get to those points,use a crochet hook and chain  the number of stitches needed to make a loop for the  button and then continue on with the bind off. So I think that’s it. Hope your doing good, are you starting to think xmas yet? You better, its gonna creep up on you. So a froggin I will go, I’ll even take a picture such a shame, so close to being finished! :(

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