"Knitting and crocheting has been my hobby since childhood. I started making stuffed toys for children hospitals several years ago. It has become a passion, I absolutely love making them. My “Critters” are a nice cuddly, hug-gable, lovable size for the children. And what’s truly amazing is how much pure pleasure a person can receive by creating them."
My patterns are written so that they are easy to follow, and include photos and instructions to help you. If you haven’t tried making a toy using the knitting in the round method, give it a try, your in for a very pleasant surprise! If you have a question contact me at bjfromnv@gmail.com

Monday, November 28, 2011

Still working on those leftovers?

Just dropping in, to say we had a very nice “Thanksgiving” and I hope that everyone else did too! Starting to feel more and more like winter, and not being my fav time of the year, the little bit of depression that is trying to settle on me is not pleasant.  I realize that we all have our battles with it. I just can see where it’s almost predictable this time of year.


Here in Idaho, the days tend to be cloudy and dark so they aren’t real bright. Another thing I miss about Nevada. Dark days, tend to make moody days! Too much time on my hands, and too much time to think about people and relationships, bla, bla, bla. The mind is a terrible thing sometimes. Too many things to think about. And when a person gets older, you tend to want to get things handled. Take care of the loose ends. You just never know, if you “know” what I mean.  Have you figured out that I am not the happiest of campers at the moment?


I have so many things to be grateful for, but the human condition does not allow for perfect bliss 24/7! Oh, wouldn’t that be nice? Just another dream, but some day. And believe me, when I say, that’s a fact. So my dear reader, you really do have bliss to look forward to.

I am so thankful that I can still get outside and walk, just to be outside and see and smell and marvel! It’s just too beautiful for words sometimes. I am always thinking about things I should get done, haven’t gotten done, I just nag myself to death sometimes. And what a total waste of time. I might just write this and delete it. But, maybe not.

I always try to leave a positive thought to every action. And how can you feel true happiness if you haven’t felt true sadness and despair?   Anyway…………..hang tough baby….get those needles out, it’s gonna be Xmas before you know it.


I took a couple of shots on 11/11/11………..:)………….take care…….smile, it helps those moody days go away…………..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trick or Treat???

Well it won’t be long til all the goblins will be out and the kids will be gathering their yearly Halloween candies. Seems like summer was slow coming this year and has departed too soon. Being a summer type person, I think I lament the same thing every year. When I was still living in Calif. I didn’t think about it that much. I thought about it a little more after we moved to Nevada. But now that I am in Idaho, I really think about it a lot.

Once winter hits here, you are more or less stuck. No long trips anywhere.  Unless you like driving with chains and snow tires? If you do, well excuse me! I never really could understand why the “snow birds” left every winter and came back. But now I totally understand.  But I keep reminding myself that there will be no wood burning for heat this year, and the thought of that cheers me up. And it’s also the time of year I start thinking about xmas presents, what to make? A couple of years ago I think I got carried away with all the knitting and crocheting for presents. I got it into my head that I wanted to make an afghan for each of my grandchildren, and 8 afghans later, not mentioning the other things I made.  Won’t do that again… :)

idaho sunrise

Took this shot the other morning, amazing how the colors can be so beautiful! Sometimes natures beauty is just too beautiful for words. The older I get, seems like I notice and appreciate the most common and simple things? I just love being outside, and as I was walking today watching the last of the water run through the irrigation ditch, life just keeps moving on season after season.

All the changes I have seen in my 66 years. And I can’t help but wonder if mankind is ever going to get it? Seems like we aren’t really moving forward. I won’t speak too much politically, but our government is so fouled up. They are like a bunch of children who would rather fight and argue, rather than get anything done. Seems that in our country we don’t want to be bothered. If it interferes with out soap opera’s, we get pissed.

Back in the day, no one was on any kind of welfare. People were proud, and thought it was shameful to take charity. Well let me tell you, the times have changed. Seems that the attitude is everyone wants something for nothing. Let me tell you people, it won’t work! You can’t sit on your fat ass and think this country is going to continue to thrive. And building fences won’t keep anyone out! Sorry for the small rant…………….

fox tee

On the knitting front, I have been doing a lot of extra work for and upcoming project. But I think I am getting a little burned out. Been working on a new design, but I keep making changes. So I have put that down for now. But I have made my pooch 3 new sweaters! I gave him a short hair cut for winter. His fur gets matted real easily, so instead of letting him grow for the winter………….thus we need tee shirts to keep warm. And then when he goes outside, I put another sweater on him. If humans can wear layers, lol…….so can dogs!

I am not some kind of freaky dog owner, I simply take care of the needs of my pet. Foxy is getting long in the tooth, just like me! And I can still hear, but he can’t, and let me tell you having a deaf dog can be the pitts! Thank goodness he knows some hand signals. So before I close I will take him out and take a shot of one of his tee shirts………………:) He’s a schnauzer, believe it or not. With this haircut I think he looks a little like a greyhound. Anyway this is a free pattern called, Dog Sweater, Linda’s version. Very simple to make, I ended up making an extra one that I gave to a neighbors Chihuahua. So it’s a really good idea to measure your pet and go  from there. I’m in the mood to make myself a sweater, of course I want a sweater that makes me look skinny………….gee I haven’t found that pattern yet. But I’m gonna keep looking…………Ravelry here I come! Have fun…

foxy tee2

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

R U Ready for Winter? huh?

Wow, where the heck does the time go? Starting to seriously feel like fall around here. Noticed a few leaves already turning orange. Went into a local store the other day for some pink yarn, can you believe that? Me going in to a store for yarn? Anyway, I asked the lady who waited on me if she was “ready” for winter. She quickly replied, “Oh yes, I don’t like summer. I love winter, and I actually feel better in the winter!”

Made me think of the fact that wherever you are raised will make a big difference in how you feel about the different seasons. Being born and raised in Calif., I find the long cold winters just a bit depressing. Whereas my husband and Mother who were both born and raised in Minn. & Colorado, don’t think much about it one way or the other. Just a matter of conditioning I guess. I just always find that interesting…………are you yawning? Sorry! LOL p.s. the gal in the store is from South Dakota!

Shady Brutus

This is Brutus Bee Beastee Boy, he is one of my earlier patterns.

I have been working on updating some of my patterns and I was surprised to find a few typos. I always ask people to write me if they have any questions or problems. It just always amazes me how you can read or scan something and not even see the mistake. Whereas someone else will spot it immediately. I have some new ideas I am working on. One of them is pretty exciting, I hope I will be able to accomplish the desired look. I know I am being secretive, but I don’t want to spill the beans just yet. And any time you have a new idea, I think it’s best to get right on it or the idea will go to someone else.

How many times have you heard someone lament, “I had that exact same idea!” A lot of my ideas come to me in dreams, or when I first wake up. And when you get an idea floating in your head, the possibility of rolling over and going back to sleep, is NOT going to happen.

Shady LULU

This Lulu La Lamb, she is my very first pattern. I updated her also. I love so many colors, but pink is a nice one for sure. Well, as usual I am not getting much done today. I need to go pick up those needles and get to work. Do I have a rough life or what? Take care……have fun…………..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tennis anyone? & Death of a Hero

Well the US Open Tennis Championship 2011 is now history. All in all it was really a fantastic event. Other than the to be expected rain delay. I mean how can you put a cover on the Arthur Ashe Stadium that holds 22,547? I know they are talking about it, but I just don’t know how it’s going to happen. The site is setting on a land fill. Time will tell.
Interior of Arthur Ashe Stadium
Well so much for a hero? I am speaking of Serena Williams. Boy, what can you say? I have watched her and her sister Venus take the tennis world by storm. I have been so proud of them and for them for all the accomplishments they have fought for and earned. Nothing was ever given to either one of them. True Champions both.
Throughout the course of Serena’s professional career, she has earned over $31,151,l42.00. She has won more career prize money than any other female athlete in history. I watched her when she had her tirade 2 years ago at the U.S. Open, and at the time I thought she was a little out of control. But watching her Sunday afternoon, there are no more excuses that I can offer up for her. I know that she has fought long and hard in a lot of ways, but her behavior at the final match was inexcusable. I was speechless, stunned, and pissed at the same time.
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
'Two years after being dumped out of the US Open semi-finals for verbally abusing a line judge, Serena Williams found herself in trouble once again in Sunday's final against Samantha Stosur. With the American saving the first of two break points with an ace early in the second set, she thought she had saved the next one with a huge forehand, screaming "come on" loudly before Stosur hit the return (although whether Stosur would have reached the return is debatable). The Greek umpire awarded the point, and the game to Stosur, much to the disgust of Williams, who shouted, "Are you the one that screwed me over last time?" During a break in play, Williams continued to berate poor Eva Asderakia claiming the umpire was "out of control". But the best insult: "You're unattractive on the inside".
This is the day after 9/11 and this tournament is held in New York. What the Heck was she thinking? You are representing your country lady, and this is the way you behave? Naw…………I don’t think so. Shame on you Serena Williams, and then to have the nerve to say she forgot what you said? And I quote,
"I don't even remember what I said," Williams said. "It was just so intense out there. It's the final for me. I guess I'll see it on YouTube. I don't know. I was just in the zone. I think everyone when they play kind of 'zones out'.
"We live for these moments. Everyone lives to be in the final of Wimbledon or the final at the US Open. Whatever happens in that moment, you live for them and we breathe for them, and hopefully I'll be back for them.

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the whole saga was that Williams either failed or refused to offer any meaningful act of contrition. An apology would have been a thoroughly good idea but there was none, not even a hint of it. *Martin Rogers*
Hmmmmmm well if you live for these moments, seems like you would keep yourself under control and act like the champion you are? And no apology? Not even considered? Something is wrong here, really wrong, not  sure  just what it is, but I sure am gonna miss my hero………………

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kelly Kurly Kewpie

Wow………….well I knew the last month had been stressful. But when I was looking at things that I needed to update on my blog. I realized that I didn’t see any pics of Kelly. And that being my nickname, and my latest pattern, I was more than a little surpirsed.

I want to introduce you to Kelly, I think she is really adorable even if I do say so myself…………………..


When I was a kid, we used to  look through the catalogs and wish for things that we wanted for Xmas. Sear and Roebuck, JC Penny……..oh and did they have the toy sections. I can’t tell you how much time I used  to spend poring over those catalogs. And then when I would decide I would have to write a letter to Santa…………and of course I would have to write the full description from the catalog, including page number, because I wanted to make sure that he knew which doll I wanted. Pretty funny when I think about it now. And pretty amazing when you think that I was born in 1945 and all the changes that have come about in the meantime.

I have to stop here and thank my dear departed Granny…………..oh how I love you………….she was a very modern woman, who told me to embrace change, because that’s what life is all about …………..change. What an awesome woman she was………born before her time, but she taught me well. And I have tried to remember the things she taught me, and to remember who she was and how she lived her life. She loved nature as much as me and our bond was strong.


My Granny Rachel is the one who “nick-named” me Kelly. And in her older years she loved to dye her hair red. What a woman, oh how I miss her and her counsel and advice. And most of all her love. I hope you were lucky enough to have a Grand-Mother like mine who gave of herself and lived her own life at the same time.  Have fun :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Well, how’s it going for you? Just dropping in to say we had one super time down in Nevada. Always so nice to visit and see old friends. Makes you realize how much you miss them. It was a fantastic Pow-Wow, and also one of the hottest. The dancers were great, the week-end just went by too darn fast. This was the 19th annual Wovoka Pow Wow. I can’t believe it has been that many years since we had the first one. The Keats family committed to do the pow-wow for 20 years, so let’s hope someone steps forward and takes the reins. This is a tradition that needs to be carried on. It’s so important for the children to keep contact with their heritage, and this is one of the very best ways to do it. Good for the whole family. A wonderful  and very powerful tradition.


~Thanks to Jennifer Ackley for these photos.~

greg and sam

You only have to look at those faces to know how very proud they are to be participating in a tradition that started many many moons ago. To feel the drum, coming up through the earth and to feel the vibration. Words just can not describe.  I think you have figured out that I am native American.  My father was “Caddo” from North Carolina. A very interesting an varied tribe.

As I understand it, the Caddo are ethnically related to the Pawnee, Wichita, and the Kitsai, because they all speak dialects of the Caddoan language. In addition, the Caddo were actually a confederacy made up of smaller Bands, such as the Adai, Cahinnio, Eyeish, Hainai, Hasinai, Kadohadacho, Nabedache, Nabiti, Nacogdoche, Nadaco, Nanatsoho, Nasoni, Natchitoches, Nechaui, Neche, Ouachita, Tula, and Yatasi.


I called this guy “Handsome Harry” I needed a model, so I got him finished last week. I just love the fact you can use any colors you want when it comes to making toys. And of course I love all birds. And I mean all birds. My totem is the “Red-tailed Hawk”. We will talk about that next time. I had one fly right by my left shoulder yesterday as I was walking, what a feeling. Anyway, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Remember……………..have fun.

Friday, August 19, 2011

~To Walk the Red Road~


My brother the star, my mother the earth

my father the sun, my sister the moon,

to my life give beauty, to my

body give strength, to my corn give

goodness, to my house give peace, to

my spirit give truth, to my elders give


Plenty Coups

Long road winding began in the stars,
spilled onto the mountain tops,
was carried in the snow to the streams,
to the rivers, to the ocean…
It covers Canada, Alaska, America,
Mexico to Guatemala,
and keeps winding around the indigenous.
The Red Road is a circle of people
standing hand in hand,
people in this world, people between
people in the Spirit world.
star people, animal people, stone people,
river people, tree people…
The Sacred Hoop.
To walk the Red Road
is to know sacrifice, suffering.
It is to understand humility.
It is the ability to stand naked before God
in all things for your wrong doings,
for your lack of strength,
for your uncompassionate way,
for your arrogance - because to walk
the Red Road, you always know
you can do better. And you know,
when you do good things,
it is through the Creator, and you are grateful.
To walk the Red Road
is to know you stand on equal ground
with all living things. It is to know that
because you were born human,
it gives you superiority over nothing.
It is to know that every creation carries a Spirit,
and the river knows more than you do,
the mountains know more than you do,
the stone people know more than you do,
the trees know more than you do,
the wind is wiser than you are,
and animal people carry wisdom.
You can learn from every one of them,
because they have something you don’t:
They are void of evil thoughts.
They wish vengeance on no one, they seek Justice.
To Walk the Red Road,
you have God given rights,
you have the right to pray,
you have the right to dance,
you have the right to think,
you have the right to protect,
you have the right to know Mother,
you have the right to dream,
you have the right to vision,
you have the right to teach,
you have the right to learn,
you have a right to grieve,
you have a right to happiness,
you have the right to fix the wrongs,
you have the right to truth,
you have a right to the Spirit World.
To Walk the Red Road
is to know your Ancestors,
to call to them for assistance…
It is to know that there is good medicine,
and there is bad medicine…
It is to know that Evil exists,
but is cowardly as it is often in disguise.
It is to know there are evil spirits
who are in constant watch
for a way to gain strength for themselves
at the expense of you.
To Walk the Red Road,
you have less fear of being wrong,
because you know that life is a journey,
a continuous circle, a sacred hoop.
Mistakes will be made,
and mistakes can be corrected
if you will be humble,
for if you cannot be humble,
you will never know
when you have made a mistake.
If you walk the Red Road,
you know that every sorrow
leads to a better understanding,
every horror cannot be explained,
but can offer growth.
To Walk the Red Road
is to look for beauty in all things.
To Walk the Red Road
is to know you will one day
cross to the Spirit World,
and you will not be afraid…

Red Armed Panther

white belly

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So what’s new with you?

Another gorgeous day in downtown Idaho. Just about 87 degrees, no wind. A lazy afternoon, been doing some things on the puter. And thought it might be a good idea to let you know what I’ve been up to. done mutt

A friend of mine suggested I start a group on Ravelry. I kind of drug my feet a little bit, not liking to get too committed. Plus we have a trip the end of the month and I would not like having someone who needed  help and me not responding. So I guess I will just leave a note and let them know I will be gone. Of course if someone would like to be a moderator I sure would not mind.

I got a message today from a gal who is trying to figure out how to knit the top of some bumble bee wings. I posted her question to the group, and invited her to join. So we will see what happens.

Had a lovely walk this morning with my buddy. We just love to gab and walk, and walk and gab. Friends are such a precious commodity, and I sure appreciate her.  Love you Penny!

muttAnyway after I got back, I went through some clothes that I had stored under my bed. My closet is so tiny, and I just don’t have much room for extra clothes. I wondered when I got some of my summer clothes out, where some of my shorts and tops were. But I just kind of dismissed it, until my husband asked me about the clothes under the bed. And can you believe it? I had totally forgotten about them………….a real duh moment. So I found some of my favs, and gave away a lot more. I obviously don’t need all of them, if I didn’t even remember them…………….found some really little teeny jeans that I had dieted into several years ago.

Oh don’t get me started on diets, been there so done that. So don’t want to do it again. Hey, you know what? We all aren’t tiny. My Mother is just under 5 feet tall and does not weigh 95 pounds. I look like a moose next to her. But you don’t always take after your parents do you? I obviously took after my big Daddy. I would like to be the size 10 that my body refuses to stay at. But you got to play the cards you are dealt. Whew……….I was afraid a rant was getting started there. LOL

mutt2Anyway…………..the name of my new group is bjfromnv designs if you are a member of Ravelry come check us out. A no frills group where you can share or ask questions. I took some pictures of a new Mutt yesterday. So that’s what you have been looking at. I have been replacing my models, I went through my yarn yesterday and I found myself looking at all the different colors and my imagination was starting to create. I was looking for a certain variegated yarn, that I am using for Ollie O’Owl…………who I started night before last. I didn’t want to run out of yarn, as I love to knit in the middle of the nite. And I don’t think our local yarn store would be open at 2am………LOL…..I will quit ramblin for now…………..take care……..have fun :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the wings of a Dove………..

I was out walking this morning, feeling very troubled and sad about an event that took place yesterday. Something that I have not been able to stop thinking about. So as sometimes happens when you’re outside in God’s space you get a small revelation. My answer was to write about this event, so here I am.

This happened in less than a minute or two at most. But I can’t seem to get it out of my mind. It deeply upset me and makes me wonder why I feel this way, maybe because of the events that have been occurring in my family of late. I think there is a direct connection there and maybe that’s why I have reacted this way.


I had come back from walking with a friend and I decided to walk to the front of our place. As I started walking between some trees all of a sudden I heard  a bird cry and come flying out of one of the trees, he wasn’t actually flying he was flapping his wings frantically and moving along the ground in the process. So I really don’t know if it was me that startled him or something else that happened at the same time, because I did not see him until he came flapping by me and was down on the ground. I just stood watching as he went by me and continued making a strange sound and still flapping. I came out of the trees into the sun light and took a few steps in his direction to see what he was doing. At that time I really didn’t and don’t know now, whether he was injured or not. He had stopped moving.

dove 1

As I was standing motionless he started  flapping his wings again, and this time  he started to lift off from the ground. He was flying towards the highway and away from me. Just as he was about 3 or 4 feet off the ground he flew directly into the path of an oncoming UPS truck. I heard the impact and saw his feathers fly, as he flew back in my direction and dropped to the ground a few feet from where I was still standing. I knew he was fatally wounded and I moved just a little closer, but I did not want to frighten him. He did turn his head and look at me. I stood still until I knew he was gone. I noticed another dove setting up on a sign watching and wondered if they were mates. I could tell he was a young bird when I moved him. I have always loved all animals, but I have always had a special feeling for  birds.


My grandmother told me one time, “that if it weren’t for birds, we wouldn’t be here.”  I don’t know if it’s because it was a dove, or because I feel responsible, but I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Over reacting? Perhaps. I also have been very worried about a couple of members of my family and this just kind of hit me hard. I know I am soft hearted……………….but………….anyway. That’s the story.

Makes you think about our soldiers and the horrors of war and how they must try to live with the mental smells, sights, and sounds. We humans are very sensitive to these sorts of things, and how we try to deal with them, and still preserve ourselves in the process. Because we live in constant change, change that we must constantly  deal with. Everything that happens to you in life stays with you forever. So think twice about your actions, the most simple thing can turn into a nightmare. 

When troubles surround us, when evils come
The body grows weak The spirit grows numb When these things beset us, He doesn't forget us
He sends down His love On the wings of a dove

On the wings of a snow-white dove
He sends His pure sweet love
A sign from above On the wings of a dove

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where is that Toof fairy?

Well it’s been exactly 2 months to the day since I had the remaining upper seven teeth extracted and a temporary plate put in. I started off the this day by going back to the dentist to have some adjustments made on a new lower partial that I got Tuesday. It covers at least 20% more of my mouth in the fact that it goes back farther. It felt pretty good the first day, but I really broke it in hard eating some Jalapeno chips, that are “kettle” cooked. I got to say they are yummy. But by the time I was done, my mouth was really sore. So I took out the new partial plate and put in my old one. So hopefully the adjustment will do the trick, if not I will go back next week. I have to say that I have a fantastic dentist. He is just awesome, and I consider myself very lucky to have him. We live in a very small town, so sometimes you don’t exactly have the cream of the crop when it comes to doctors and dentists. In fact just for an example, after I turned 65 and started getting Medicare? I guess that’s what its called. I made an appointment at my general practitioner md and thought to myself, gee I wonder how much it will cost me now with the Medicare? I might not have to pay anything…………..wrong- o- buck- o. His office visits were 60 before and guess who raised his rate on me? YUP………….what a rip, and from what I understand that’s standard operating procedure. The government pays, and you still pay……………..leaves a pretty nasty taste in your mouth. Gee I don’t know how I got off on that rant………………….anyway……………summer

I have to say, when it comes to dentures, ignorance is  truly bliss. I have learned the hard way that getting dentures is a whole new ball game. I have indeed lived with the fact that there would  come the day when I would probably need them. And I guess I thought I was prepared, but let me tell you, you won’t ever be prepared for dentures. The only ones who could tell you what to expect are the people who have dentures, and for some reason, either we don’t ask the right questions, or they think we are better off in the dark. I have found a few sites on line where I was able to communicate with others who are going through the same thing, and it has been a huge asset. The mental roller coaster is something else, and the depression that comes with it, isn’t much fun. Then lets throw in some family matters and all hell breaks loose.

I haven’t picked up a needle in two weeks and its really starting to bug me. But when it comes to the creative spirit, I want to put love into my efforts and I want it to show. I have enjoyed the fact that people are buying my patterns. I wish I could teach more people to knit in the round, and let them see how easy it is, and truly how much fun. If it weren’t for my love of knitting and crocheting the last few years, I really don’t know what I would have done with my time. I have always wanted to have the time to try different things, and just the luxury of doing what ever I want to do is still pretty hard for me to believe. I have worked since I was seventeen and being jobless for almost 5 years still makes me feel a little guilty. Please notice the word………..”little”…………………there has been so much going on in my personal life, I am really optimistic that it will settle down, so that I might try to get my rhythm in life back in sync.

I have to close with a few more thought about dentures and what is going on with me. As I stated at the beginning it has been 8 weeks to the day since I started the tooth thing…………I will have to wait until it has been 6 months to get my permanent upper plate. It seems that the longer you wait the longer the plate will fit you. As I have stated earlier,  there is a certain amount of shrinkage that occurs and this is perfectly normal. But learning to live with a sloppy fitting denture is not much fun. And  learning how to eat all over again. Again not much fun………….I could get into all the different denture products that are on the market, and for some people each of these different products works for them. I personally do not care to put poly grip or any type of adhesive on my dentures, because when you remove the denture its like you have 10 pounds of peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth. And you WISH it was peanut butter because it would be a lot easier to get out. I won’t even go into the yucky mess that you have to contend with…………and what do you end up doing? You end up putting it right back in your mouth. :( horrible…………menfoxy

So I will give you two words…………..Cushion Grip…………..the most wonderful product out there. It has truly been a miracle product for me. I am able to eat a lot more things, I don’t have it down to a science, but when I am finished eating, I can rinse my mouth and my dentures and what a difference that makes. Wonderful. I won’t go into how I use it, but if you are in need of such a product check it out. You won’t be able to buy it at the local pharmacy or grocery store. You must order it on line, I get mine at Amazon. I just checked on the calendar and its been 18 days since I put it on my upper denture. I will probably change it pretty soon, but that’s pretty amazing stuff. It has just made my life so much more pleasant. Thank you cushion grip! Take care…………have fun…….:)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Toof Fairy? Where is she???

Well how’s it going for you? Got some rain going here in lovely downtown Idaho. The tomatoes are planted and uncovered, and this rain is just what the doctor ordered. Summer is just around the corner. What have you got planned? Taking a trip? Got some home projects lined up?

I have been meaning to post a pic of the Easter gang, I didn’t get them all in the shot. But this is just part of the gang who took off to Portland to cheer up a few children’s Easter.

Easter gang

Corny as it sounds, I do miss them when they are gone. But at the same time I get so much pleasure at the thought of them bringing a smile to a sick child. Nothing is worse than a child who is ill, so any thing a person can do to help them is always appreciated.

I am working on a new design, I have hit a few snags, but I think we are back on the right track now. And I will be presenting you a new pattern very soon!

Well on another subject, I finally had the inevitable done. After well over 40 years of fighting gum disease, I had the last affected teeth removed. As has always been my case, it is never routine or simple. One of the eye teeth (canine) which happens to have the longest root of all human teeth insisted on being difficult and not only broke off once but twice! Oh joy………….because there was another lurking not far away. But in this case………the second eye tooth was difficult but did not put up nearly the fight of the other……………………whew. I am NOT going to advocate for keeping teeth when a person has gum disease, because the truth is, you are going to lose these teeth anyway. So many people tell you, you are better off with your own teeth. I will disagree with that statement also, how can a person be better off with a mouth full of infected gums and teeth? They have actually stated that gum disease and heart attack are common. So how in the world are you better off with these teeth in your mouth?

I had been wearing a partial on the top for many years. And in order to wear this partial it was necessary to have my four front teeth pulled. I don’t know about you, but that was always one of my  biggest  nightmares………..waking up and not having any front teeth! So having them pulled was one of the worst days of my life.  So here we are at least 8 years down the road, and the last of them are gone. And not to gross you out, of the seven teeth that were extracted, two were cracked, one had a large section that had fallen out, and unbeknownst to us the last tooth pulled had a large abscess!

So here we are four days later, and I’m not sure whether I am mourning the loss of these teeth or not. After the extractions, it was necessary to smooth down bone, cut away excess gum tissue and put in a few stitches. And by the way, healthy tissue responds well and quickly to pain medication. Whereas unhealthy tissue does not.

As you can see I have years and years of dental stories I could tell, but I am really ready to close that chapter of my life. I am hoping that when the gums heal, that I will find that I feel much better. I don’t know if you have read much about periodontal disease or not. But from the time I was 26 I started going to the dentist every 6 months. And for the last 25 years I have been going every 3 months. I have had two gum surgeries, so when you read this please don’t get the attitude that I did not take care of my teeth, because you would be sadly mistaken. That has been another problem when getting a new dentist, because I need to explain to him and the hygienist my long, boring extended dental history. And lucky for me I can count on one hand how many dentists I have gone to.

Shortly after moving here from Nevada, I went to a new hygienist who asked me if I flossed my teeth. I told her NO. I didn’t get a chance to explain that I use proxy brushes between my teeth because of the large spaces between them. She quickly informed me that there were “four” sides to a tooth. She hadn’t even looked in my mouth yet.  If I had not needed my teeth cleaned, I would have gotten up and left. I guess you know I never saw her again. So on that happy note………….you have a great week-end!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Spring Morning to you!

Just dropping in to say hello. We are still working on spring here in Idaho. We have stopped burning wood 24/7. Which is kind of nice, because you don’t keep waking up thinking do I need to go check the fire? The little things we take for granted, makes me think that there are a lot of people in this world who have never even used a wood burning stove! Strange………..


Of course being a human being has its moments of strangeness that’s for sure. But before I spook you too much. I just wanted to show you a couple of pictures of a sweet little duck name Pinky.

Monday morning he and several of his friends are going to Portland to be adopted. Corny as it sounds the critters get tired of being here and are anxious to make a child feel happy and hopefully a little better. That’s what its all about people. If you can give back in just the smallest way. You can make a huge difference in this crazy world we live in. We aren’t given much time here, so make the most of it!  Have a super week-end……..you know the drill…………have fun :0)


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kuddly Kirby Quacker Duck

Greetings! Well we had a great trip to Nevada. I had packed some wool socks just in case. But when we arrived I was surprised to find it was 80 degrees! Didn’t need the wool socks that day. So much beautiful sunshine, and so nice to see our old friends. It’s just about a 7 hour drive down, so you don’t feel totally exhausted when you arrive.

I have been here in Idaho long enough to call it home, but a piece of my heart will always be in Nevada. I love the desert, and I do miss it sometimes,  I never will take water for granted, it is a precious commodity. The valley where we lived is hanging on, but the growth has certainly slowed, and the jobs are just as scarce as before.

And now for the latest news, I am proud to announce my 20th pattern. I still find it hard to believe sometimes, but I have had so much fun with these critters. Drum roll please……………..

I am proud to announce Kuddly Kirby Quacker Duck!


The name Kirby is of English origin and means "church town". Kirby measures approximately 8 inches high when sitting. He is sure to bring a smile to whoever sees him. He is a wonderful cuddly size and will make a perfect gift for any child or grown up "kid at heart." He is knit in the round and completely seamless. If you aren't crazy about seaming and have wanted to try a seamless pattern this is a great beginner project. This project is also a great scrap or stash buster.

His hat is attached, so these is no worry of losing it. He truly is a great project for using up that extra yarn. I have some bright pink waiting to use for a duck, that’s what I love about the critters, you can make them absolutely any color you can dream up. woodoutside

Well I hope all is going well for you, this is typical April weather. Get sun every once in a while. Keeps me running if I want to take some outside shots. You know the the drill……………….have fun.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

You need some water?

Well we had a little excitement here yesterday. My buddy and I went for a walk and discovered that the Weiser River had over ran her banks, and was having a ball and making a mess at the same time! Nothing fun about a flood. When I was still in Nevada and managing the Smoke Shop, we were flooded out. And I can tell you very quickly it was one of the worst experiences in my life. I won’t go into detail, but the mess! The chaos, its really unbelievable. One of the houses that was involved has been flooded before and is and has been up for sale for a while. Dare I say, I don’t think it will be selling any time soon.


We did get a good birds eye view of the flood, but we got some really muddy boots in the process. Mine are still on the back porch waiting to be cleaned! There is a lot of clay in the soil here, so when the mud starts sticking you grow a couple of inches. And when you start slipping and sliding…………..!!!!! The local fire dept. was trying in vain to sandbag around another house, but a few hours later the water had risen and it was useless. They have at least 40 hunting dogs and a few horses, it was difficult to listen to the dogs barking because you could tell that they were frightened.  Everyone was evacuated safely.

I had no idea that this occurs approximately every 5 years or so. My Mother has never mentioned a single word about it? Luckily my bud,  who is a life long resident of these here parts.  I have learned so much from her. I am very lucky to have found her, as I really haven’t met hardly anyone in the four years that I’ve been up here. I have pretty much made up my mind that I need to do some sort of volunteer work, or at least drop by the senior citizens and introduce my self. I would like to do some sort of teaching. I would love to teach knitting or crochet. So we will see what happens.

yellow and purple

I made a major change on Miss Lula, I kept looking at her face and decided that she needed a little mouth.  I am working on a third one, and I have really been enjoying making them. I haven’t done that much knitting in the last few months and it just feels so good to hold those needles. I appreciate the fact that I am still able to knit. I don’t take anything for granted. Well you take care, we did have some sunshine this morning, so I ran out and knocked the frost off the outside bench and took a few shots. Have fun………….

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Loopy Locks Lula

Good afternoon, well it hasn’t been a month. Can you believe it? I think the ground hog is on the move.
So your asking who is Loopy? Well she is the latest addition to our family of patterns. I was just cruising around the web and saw a few things that gave me some ideas. The next thing you know we have Loopy…….Her full name is Loopy Locks Lula. The name Lula is of Irish origin and means "abundant princess".



I have finished another with bright pink hair, but since it has rained all day today, I have not been able to get any shots of her yet. She is about 8 inches tall when setting, and she just is so huggable! I think any child who sees her will want to give her a great big squeeze! Just dropping by, got a few other things to tend to. But in the meantime……………have fun :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

I can smell spring! Somebody wake me up…………

lion yawning

Well its been a very very long winter. The snow is almost completely melted. Today as I write its 41 degrees and raining. Thinking about putting on my rain jacket and going for a walk.

The most amazing thing about today, is I am ready to break off from my winter doldrums' habits. Getting tired of “Farmville” must say it really helped me through a long tedious winter. But true to my form, I accepted the challenge and achieved my goal. I went from level 1 to 100 in exactly 3 months!

As I was doing some laundry yesterday, I looked up at a box of yarn that I ordered that has never been opened. Now I know what I ordered, but just the fact that I never took the time or the interest to open the box really tells you something.

It kind of feels like a switch has been thrown, I want to finish my project and start another! Not sure just what, but my fingers are just itching to grab those needles. I knew the inspiration would return, I just didn’t know when. Part of my moodiness occurred because I have found that when making gifts for family, they just more or less take them for granted. Kind of a ho hum attitude. I always would appreciate if they would take a picture with the project, but it never seems to happen. So don’t be too disappointed if this happens to you. I think it’s a clear indication that maybe your efforts should go someplace else? LOL……….so I will not be adding any pictures today. I will have some tomorrow, my critter just needs his hat finished and some legs. The real question is what will the next project be? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Hope you are happy and having a great day!…………remember…have fun

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday 2/7/2011 What u up to?

Well it has been awhile since I blogged. I think about it, but it just doesn’t seem to happen. I’m not going to offer up any excuses, life gets in the way sometimes.


Well we did not make it through winter with out getting some sort of flu. We pretty much chalked it up to a wandering gypsy with an old pick up truck with some, I’m not sure where he got them……very beautiful rocks. My husband was outside the first time he came by, and unfortunately he didn’t tell him not to come back. But as it was early and my Mother wasn’t up yet, he told him to come back. He shook his hand, and he forgot to wash his hands. Does that tell you the story?

Its no wife’s tale about washing your hands, and keeping your hands away from your face. I always practiced this when I was working with the public. Of course you will get the person who sneezes right in your face. But I always used hand sanitizer, and sprayed a lot of Lysol. It really works. We did have a couple of customers who would come into the Smoke Shop and they smelled liked buffalo hunters! Whew………….I mean bad. That Lysol spray saved the day more than once.

So just a few days after the the gypsy came by, we all ended up with his present. It’s funny how you can tell the minute you lay eyes on someone, you’ve got their number.This guy was a conman a thief and I hate to say it, but I think he would be capable of almost anything. And what really topped it all off that particular day was my Mother decided to bring them into our home through the front door! Needless to say, we were not happy. And the man’s parting shot to my husband was that he would be back, but when my husband was not around? So please people be careful. There are people in this world who’s sole intent is to rip you off. This is a fact and if you think I’m crazy……….you’re the one with the problem. Face up to reality…………

On a much more pleasant note………I am making more animals for the children and I started off with some of my ducks. I also am thinking about putting some of my patterns in an e-book. Just need to figure out just how to do it.  So please take care, be healthy, and be smart. Later…………p.s. the snow is melting! :)


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brrrrrr…….baby it’s cold outside! Happy New Year………..!!!!!!!

Well how’s it? Was Santa good to ya? I sure hope so. Did you go to a party for New Years? In my younger days I certainly would not have missed an opportunity to kick up my heels that’s for sure. Didn’t feel too well the next day a few times, but it was definitely worth it. Life is a celebration, don’t miss it!

I finally got everything shipped off this last Monday. I had spent a couple of hours working on packing things up last Friday (New Years Eve), so I went cruising into the post office about 1:30 pm…………..and ta da! The post office closed at noon last Friday. My jaw must have hit the floor, I was more than a little shocked. But a few more days one way or the other won’t sink the Titanic, right? The front of our place is covered in snow of course, but the driveway out to the high-way is just one big sheet of ice. So you have to creep up to the highway……..you don’t want to slide into the road  with a car or a truck coming!

When I went to the post office again this past Monday, I had one huge box with the afghan and sweater in it. And three smaller packages. I was trying to figure out if I was going to try to carry them all in at the same time, when I noticed a gentleman pull in and park behind me. So I figured,(he looked close to my age, and the men back then were raised to open doors, light cigarettes, etc.) That’s where the word gentleman came from. So I thought perfect, this gent will surely offer to help carry my packages? Well was I wrong, I could have been pushy and shoved them at him, since he did not have a single item in his hands. But I refrained. He was no gent……

Anyway, as I was coming around to the front of the post-office which like most older post offices has about 7 or 8 steps to climb, so I was figuring out how I was going to balance the packages in one arm and hold on to the railing with the other. I looked at this lady coming out of the post office and for what ever reason she glanced up looking at nothing in particular, and in the process she totally missed the last step, which has yellow lines painted on it because it’s like a half step, really easy to miss. So she takes that last step, misses the short step completely, and down she rolled, face first! She actually fell pretty gracefully, women are not known for falling down gracefully! She even managed to keep her head up and not crack it. She appeared to be slightly older than me, so of course you know I dumped my packages on the sidewalk and ran over to her. I could not see any reaction of pain in her eyes, just shock mostly. And of course she wanted to get up immediately, but I made her wait a few moments and make sure she was okay. I helped her up, and I think she was just fine. Whew! All the ice and snow around and she has to take a tumble in front of the post office, which is kept absolutely pristine at all times. So I guess it wasn’t meant for the jerk to carry this damsels packages……………..lol…….Anyway…………nothing on the needles….I’m thinking about it.


I did do a little up date on Billy Bliss Bunny Rabbit, a lot of people seem to get a little hung up on where to start picking up for the legs. So hopefully this little revision will solve the problem. Soooooooo I  got another birthday coming up and my dear Mums BD is the 7th.  So we will do something special for her, you don’t turn 88 everyday, and let me tell you she is a healthy 88. She’s still got ALL her teeth, wish I had taken after her side as far as that’s concerned. But I’m not toothless yet? ROFL……..I will attach a pic that was taken yesterday. It was a hot 12 degrees out there, and thank goodness there was no wind. But it was a brisk walk, as you might guess from the attire. Hope you all are happy and healthy. Have fun……………muffy

p.s. my husband made me that down jacket! Is that talent or what?