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Monday, March 7, 2011

I can smell spring! Somebody wake me up…………

lion yawning

Well its been a very very long winter. The snow is almost completely melted. Today as I write its 41 degrees and raining. Thinking about putting on my rain jacket and going for a walk.

The most amazing thing about today, is I am ready to break off from my winter doldrums' habits. Getting tired of “Farmville” must say it really helped me through a long tedious winter. But true to my form, I accepted the challenge and achieved my goal. I went from level 1 to 100 in exactly 3 months!

As I was doing some laundry yesterday, I looked up at a box of yarn that I ordered that has never been opened. Now I know what I ordered, but just the fact that I never took the time or the interest to open the box really tells you something.

It kind of feels like a switch has been thrown, I want to finish my project and start another! Not sure just what, but my fingers are just itching to grab those needles. I knew the inspiration would return, I just didn’t know when. Part of my moodiness occurred because I have found that when making gifts for family, they just more or less take them for granted. Kind of a ho hum attitude. I always would appreciate if they would take a picture with the project, but it never seems to happen. So don’t be too disappointed if this happens to you. I think it’s a clear indication that maybe your efforts should go someplace else? LOL……….so I will not be adding any pictures today. I will have some tomorrow, my critter just needs his hat finished and some legs. The real question is what will the next project be? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Hope you are happy and having a great day!…………remember…have fun

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