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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where is that Toof fairy?

Well it’s been exactly 2 months to the day since I had the remaining upper seven teeth extracted and a temporary plate put in. I started off the this day by going back to the dentist to have some adjustments made on a new lower partial that I got Tuesday. It covers at least 20% more of my mouth in the fact that it goes back farther. It felt pretty good the first day, but I really broke it in hard eating some Jalapeno chips, that are “kettle” cooked. I got to say they are yummy. But by the time I was done, my mouth was really sore. So I took out the new partial plate and put in my old one. So hopefully the adjustment will do the trick, if not I will go back next week. I have to say that I have a fantastic dentist. He is just awesome, and I consider myself very lucky to have him. We live in a very small town, so sometimes you don’t exactly have the cream of the crop when it comes to doctors and dentists. In fact just for an example, after I turned 65 and started getting Medicare? I guess that’s what its called. I made an appointment at my general practitioner md and thought to myself, gee I wonder how much it will cost me now with the Medicare? I might not have to pay anything…………..wrong- o- buck- o. His office visits were 60 before and guess who raised his rate on me? YUP………….what a rip, and from what I understand that’s standard operating procedure. The government pays, and you still pay……………..leaves a pretty nasty taste in your mouth. Gee I don’t know how I got off on that rant………………….anyway……………summer

I have to say, when it comes to dentures, ignorance is  truly bliss. I have learned the hard way that getting dentures is a whole new ball game. I have indeed lived with the fact that there would  come the day when I would probably need them. And I guess I thought I was prepared, but let me tell you, you won’t ever be prepared for dentures. The only ones who could tell you what to expect are the people who have dentures, and for some reason, either we don’t ask the right questions, or they think we are better off in the dark. I have found a few sites on line where I was able to communicate with others who are going through the same thing, and it has been a huge asset. The mental roller coaster is something else, and the depression that comes with it, isn’t much fun. Then lets throw in some family matters and all hell breaks loose.

I haven’t picked up a needle in two weeks and its really starting to bug me. But when it comes to the creative spirit, I want to put love into my efforts and I want it to show. I have enjoyed the fact that people are buying my patterns. I wish I could teach more people to knit in the round, and let them see how easy it is, and truly how much fun. If it weren’t for my love of knitting and crocheting the last few years, I really don’t know what I would have done with my time. I have always wanted to have the time to try different things, and just the luxury of doing what ever I want to do is still pretty hard for me to believe. I have worked since I was seventeen and being jobless for almost 5 years still makes me feel a little guilty. Please notice the word………..”little”…………………there has been so much going on in my personal life, I am really optimistic that it will settle down, so that I might try to get my rhythm in life back in sync.

I have to close with a few more thought about dentures and what is going on with me. As I stated at the beginning it has been 8 weeks to the day since I started the tooth thing…………I will have to wait until it has been 6 months to get my permanent upper plate. It seems that the longer you wait the longer the plate will fit you. As I have stated earlier,  there is a certain amount of shrinkage that occurs and this is perfectly normal. But learning to live with a sloppy fitting denture is not much fun. And  learning how to eat all over again. Again not much fun………….I could get into all the different denture products that are on the market, and for some people each of these different products works for them. I personally do not care to put poly grip or any type of adhesive on my dentures, because when you remove the denture its like you have 10 pounds of peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth. And you WISH it was peanut butter because it would be a lot easier to get out. I won’t even go into the yucky mess that you have to contend with…………and what do you end up doing? You end up putting it right back in your mouth. :( horrible…………menfoxy

So I will give you two words…………..Cushion Grip…………..the most wonderful product out there. It has truly been a miracle product for me. I am able to eat a lot more things, I don’t have it down to a science, but when I am finished eating, I can rinse my mouth and my dentures and what a difference that makes. Wonderful. I won’t go into how I use it, but if you are in need of such a product check it out. You won’t be able to buy it at the local pharmacy or grocery store. You must order it on line, I get mine at Amazon. I just checked on the calendar and its been 18 days since I put it on my upper denture. I will probably change it pretty soon, but that’s pretty amazing stuff. It has just made my life so much more pleasant. Thank you cushion grip! Take care…………have fun…….:)

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