"Knitting and crocheting has been my hobby since childhood. I started making stuffed toys for children hospitals several years ago. It has become a passion, I absolutely love making them. My “Critters” are a nice cuddly, hug-gable, lovable size for the children. And what’s truly amazing is how much pure pleasure a person can receive by creating them."
My patterns are written so that they are easy to follow, and include photos and instructions to help you. If you haven’t tried making a toy using the knitting in the round method, give it a try, your in for a very pleasant surprise! If you have a question contact me at bjfromnv@gmail.com

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kelly Kurly Kewpie

Wow………….well I knew the last month had been stressful. But when I was looking at things that I needed to update on my blog. I realized that I didn’t see any pics of Kelly. And that being my nickname, and my latest pattern, I was more than a little surpirsed.

I want to introduce you to Kelly, I think she is really adorable even if I do say so myself…………………..


When I was a kid, we used to  look through the catalogs and wish for things that we wanted for Xmas. Sear and Roebuck, JC Penny……..oh and did they have the toy sections. I can’t tell you how much time I used  to spend poring over those catalogs. And then when I would decide I would have to write a letter to Santa…………and of course I would have to write the full description from the catalog, including page number, because I wanted to make sure that he knew which doll I wanted. Pretty funny when I think about it now. And pretty amazing when you think that I was born in 1945 and all the changes that have come about in the meantime.

I have to stop here and thank my dear departed Granny…………..oh how I love you………….she was a very modern woman, who told me to embrace change, because that’s what life is all about …………..change. What an awesome woman she was………born before her time, but she taught me well. And I have tried to remember the things she taught me, and to remember who she was and how she lived her life. She loved nature as much as me and our bond was strong.


My Granny Rachel is the one who “nick-named” me Kelly. And in her older years she loved to dye her hair red. What a woman, oh how I miss her and her counsel and advice. And most of all her love. I hope you were lucky enough to have a Grand-Mother like mine who gave of herself and lived her own life at the same time.  Have fun :)

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