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Monday, November 5, 2012


I meant to log on yesterday and relate what happened when I took Stella for a walk yesterday morning. But since I didn’t I am going to make it quick and to the point. As we were walking I looked over and saw a young puppy curled up on the side of the ditch amongst some bushes. It was alive, but since it was so close to the road, I thought maybe it was injured. It did not move when I stopped to look at it.

I realized that the house just before this field  did have a puppy, so I was thinking maybe this was their dog? No one was outside at this house, but the house on the other side of the road had someone cutting wood. So I yelled a country “Hey” at him and with out looking in my direction he replied, “what?”…………….I said over here…………trying to get him to look across the road and up from his property to see me and my dog standing there.

Long story short………….the puppy was not injured…………the neighbor with the puppy and the other cutting wood both joined me on the road, and I was informed that someone had dumped the dog off the nite before and that they had tried to catch it, but it had escaped into the alfalfa field. Can you believe that? This dog does not weigh 3 pounds, and we have all kinds of wildlife up here in Idaho. What a sick bastard……………..excuse my language. What the hell is wrong with people these days?


Well the next problem was trying to figure out if the dog was injured and try to catch it. Stella my dog, kept barking and was not making things any easier. So after surrounding the critter, the puppy decided after a little growling and snapping in fear, that Stella looked the most friendly and came running up to her, which amazed us all.

This pup was indeed a female, very thin, and the sweetest little thing you ever did see. Once the wood cutter picked her up, she melted into his arms shivering with cold and excitement since it was about 10 am at this time and she had spent the entire nite out on her own. The next problem was, what to do with her. In our county, owners who want to get rid of their dogs dump them out of town. That way if you try to call the pound and get help they will tell you if the dog was found out of town they can’t help you. And of course this was Sunday, so nothing was open. :(


So I convinced the neighbor with the puppy and the fenced in yard to keep the dog for that day, and that I would be there in the morning to take her to the pound. Even if I had to lie and tell  them I had found her in town, which I was prepared to do. I could not sleep last nite, I kept thinking about that little pup, and what was going to happen to her?

Anyway, at about 5 minutes after 9 I arrived and didn’t see her in the yard. I came with a leash and I had blankets and towels in my car. I got out of the car and she came running to me from somewhere under the car port. She practically jumped into my arms. I had not held her the day before, so I was shocked to see how really small and light she was. And of course she had spent another nite outside and she was cold and shivering. So I knew I had a decision to make, I had racked my brain all nite as to what I could do. We are in no position to take on another animal. And since I don’t know that many people here, I just could not think of anyone who would want a small house dog. But I did think of one neighbor who has two older poodles and are very good to their animals. So I headed in the opposite direction of town in the hopes that maybe I might be able to save this little bundle.  As of this note, I am happy to say I left her with this loving couple who had recently had to put one of their poodles down. They will either find her a home, or they will keep her. She was quickly accepted by the older poodle who I am sure is missing his partner. So people, sometimes fate, karma, or the Man upstairs will step into your life. So please try to do the best you can…………..have fun :)

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